Another top 100 list

There’s another list of Australia’s top 100 bloggers a refinement that figures the local and international Alexa ranking into Craig Harper’s Technorati based list (the list is at the bottom right. Try and ignore the self promotional ads).
Out of eight food blogs in the list, two  – Grab your Fork and A Journal of a Girl Who Loves to Cook – rank higher than the right wing columnist Andrew Bolt. Perhaps we can really change the world, even Andrew Bolt’s stance on global warming, with cupcakes.
These lists are really only based on links and therefore don’t give a true picture based on traffic. It is interesting though in a world so focused on the US to see a local list.

Abstract Gourmet maintains a list of the top local food blogs, although we do need to update a couple based upon the new Top 100 lists (and iron out a bug or two).


  1. That’s the bug that needs to be ironed out as they ahould be at the bottom.

  2. I don’t get these lists. Three of the top five updated more than a hundred days ago?