Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visit to Melbourne

You don’t have to know much about Anthony Bourdain to know he loves Melbourne. He was back earlier this year guided around town – and down to the Royal Mail Hotel – by Matt Preston, Tony Tan and Paul Wilson. Here are the Youtube clips from what was show recently in the US.


Part one: Paul Wilson while he was at the Half Moon in Brighton.


Part two: Playing Trugo with Matt Preston and kebabs on Sydney Rd


Part three: Sydney Rd with a rather hot looking Matt Preston and gnawing on meat at Rumi’s.


Part four: Dainty Szechaun with Tony Tan; Meets Dan Hunter at Royal Mail Hotel with Paul Wilson.


Part five: Chef’s BBQ at Siglo.

Perhaps I should also milk the archives. If you want more Anthony Bourdain, check out these stories here from when I interviewed him a few years back. Um, make that four years back:

Part 1: A beer and a fag with Anthony Bourdain

Part 2: On Ladro

Part 3: Eating in Melbourne

Part 4: No hippy shit

Part 5: casual eating

Part 6: Putting the boot in

Part 7: A year in nam


  1. Love this man, cool, handsome, georgious, smart, charismatic,cute,sexy.

  2. hi ED
    please i was trying to watch the video for matt preston and anthony and it was removed can u load it again please
    thank you

  3. Anthony Bourdain is the best! I love his show– he makes me laugh. I did hear though, that he was a jerk to fans! True or false?

  4. Kelvin

    LOL! Maybe he needs a special technique to protect his precious cravats

  5. It surprises me that Matt Preston doesn’t know how to eat a kebab. While there is no single authoritative way to eat a kebab, one of the rules must be that you should never completely open up the wrapping.

  6. Forager, I know what you mean about those getaway presenters – too “perky”.
    Matt C,still good but not the bad boy.

    TooYum, It’s cold and grey so you don’t have to miss Melbourne too much.

  7. Ed,

    BIG thanks for the Bourdain clips.
    I’m a relatively new fan of his work.
    On the downside, pining for Melbourne more than ever now.


  8. I actually think I prefer him without the ‘raw edge’. I loved Kitchen Confidential, but the longer he kept that up the more it was going to seem like a contrived act for the cameras.

  9. Even if he has lost his raw edge he is still more entertaining to watch as a travel presenter than any Getaway presenter. Wish he loved Sydney.

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  12. I just wonder if Bourdain has lost his raw edge, although he still is cool.

    Thermomixer, thanks. great to see the missing scene.

    Bec, really enjoyed it, perhaps too much wine. Nice to see Anthony too.
    Just uploaded the pics here but should probably play with the exposure and redo as they are a bit dark.

  13. Hello Ed,

    That is so cool thank you for finding these vidoes of us & our fabulous town.
    I hope you had fun last night

  14. Oops, ignore my question – found article (here but it was from Bourdain’s previous visit in 2003.

  15. Hi Ed

    Thanks for the videos. Saw MrWilson had posted info on his Facebook page the other day saying that the episode had aired in US on Monday. Need to book in for Royal mail before we get inundated with tourists.

    The Victoria Street, Vietnamese section was cut – but can be found in the Missing Scenes section:

  16. Hi Ed, did you read Lethlean’s article about being the ‘fixer’ for this episode of No Reservations? I did but now I can’t remember where it was published – any ideas?

  17. I just love him. L-O-V-E him.