St Peter’s: Melbourne (fish) place

Back on the bugs

There are many complicated questions to answer on sustainability and eating fish.

Should I eat farmed fish is one? What about tinned tuna? That has to be completely unsustainable I’m guessing.

Thankfully, St Peter’s on Melbourne Place does all the thinking for you so you can relax and concentrate on eating truly delicious fish accompanied by decent Italian wine

I wasn’t in the mood for a whole fish and was just up for a quick lunch so chose the Spaghettini bugs tail with garlic, chilli, white wine sauces and home grown rocket. On the side comes with the flavoursome poor man’s parmisan – breadcrumbs fried in olive oil with lemon and parsley.

Poor man's parmisan

My only surprise with St Peter’s is that it chose to remain formal with linen table cloths rather than going casual and bare. Nevertheless you can’t beat it for seafood and it’s in a secret laneway to boot.

I’m not sure what came over me that day; Despite dining alone I stayed on for an Affogato – two scoops of homemade vanilla bean ice-cream, espresso and a whack of liqueur. I must have been enjoying myself.

Coming soon: Donovan Cooke on sustainable seafood.

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  1. I’m suprised at that Urbanspoon (dis)approval rating!

  2. Allan, It was a public holiday. But I don’t usually have the time.

  3. wah, thats the life =P. you have time to have dessert at lunch??? such luxury =P