Before emailing me or phoning me (+61 3 425 736 993), please read this.

Please read this before contacting me as I’m becoming overwhelmed with invitations, press releases and unsolicited packages.

The first thing to remember is that you should read this blog to see what kind of content I write, which largely isn’t press release or pr event driven. This means that most likely I’m not going to write about a product unless I beleive it to be particulalrly good.

The first thing you should bear in mind that I am not a foodie, a term I regard to be generic and meaningless.

Here are some guidelines or contacting me or bloggers.

Q: I’ve seen that food bloggers have held various events how does this work?

A: Usually that is just us socialising at BBQs or restaurants that we have chosen. They aren’t commercial affairs. But food bloggers have attended events such the launch of new restaurants or product events although increasingly there is a backlash against this kind of activity.

Ten blogs writing about the same event is boring for readers and many bloggers are starting to realise this. That’s why I go to very few of these blogger outreach events or if I do, don’t report on them.

Q: Would you be interested in our event?

A: Quite possibly but if you’ve read this blog you’ll also know I’m picky. I am invited to lots of events many of which I have the time to attend only a few. My agenda is to step outside the PR sphere so I’m quite choosy about but not averse to invites.

As a journalist I may be more interested if there is a story I can sell.

Q: What is the best day of the week for an event?

A: As a rule I attend few events over weekends. I’d suggest earlier in the week, in the evening.

Q: Who should I invite?

It all depends on the client. Bloggers are a diverse bunch. Many bloggers are anti-mass produced packaged goods, some are meat-only. Others are vegetarian, vegan or have food allergies. You need to invest some time reading blogs to understand who the writer are and what their interests are.

Q: How should I invite them?

Do your research and be polite. I would suggest giving the option to opt out if they aren’t interested in emails from PRs. Even better you could set up a webform where if they wish they can register what they are interested in.

Q: What response will I get?

A: You have to remember most bloggers are real people and not journalists. They probably don’t know who you are.

Q: What else do I need to know?

The only really way to understand how to interact with social media is to immerse yourself in it. I am available to give presentations which I will research and target to your particular needs from $395. I also am available to help write simple and practical social media plans that bring real results.

Q: Who else have you done this for?

There’s a list of my social media clients here.

4 Responses to “For PRs”

  1. Ed


    I’d suggest that you haven’t readthe blog otherwise you’d see who I am and the contact form.

  2. Lisa Carolyn

    Hi there editor of,
    My name is lisa, writing to you on behalf of 5 star PR based in Sydney. After scrolling through your blog I feel many of our clients (of whom are travel and food based) would be interested in your blog and we would love to keep in contact with you.
    RFor this reason I’m writing just to enquire about a media contact I could obtain.
    Would love to hear back from you,
    Best regards,

  3. another outspoken female

    Considering recent discussions on this subject elsewhere, I’d suggest you have a blogger opt-in list for this service. Assume that food bloggers don’t want to be targeted by your service unless they contact you directly and ask to be on your list.

    What do you reckon?


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