Before emailing me or phoning me (+61 3 425 736 993), please read this.

Please read this before contacting me as I’m becoming overwhelmed with invitations, press releases and unsolicited packages.

Please be aware that I am requesting under the spam act not to be sent unsolicited messages – from most people.

If you are a small, local to Melbourne business then I am happy to receive the occasional invite or message.

If I know you I am happy to receive a message.

But if you are a massive multinational PR agency I probably am not simply because I receive too many.

The first thing to remember is that you should read this blog to see what kind of content I write, which largely isn’t press release or pr event driven.

This means that most likely I’m not going to write about a product unless I believe it to be particularly good.

4 Responses to “For PRs”

  1. Ed


    I’d suggest that you haven’t readthe blog otherwise you’d see who I am and the contact form.

  2. Lisa Carolyn

    Hi there editor of,
    My name is lisa, writing to you on behalf of 5 star PR based in Sydney. After scrolling through your blog I feel many of our clients (of whom are travel and food based) would be interested in your blog and we would love to keep in contact with you.
    RFor this reason I’m writing just to enquire about a media contact I could obtain.
    Would love to hear back from you,
    Best regards,

  3. another outspoken female

    Considering recent discussions on this subject elsewhere, I’d suggest you have a blogger opt-in list for this service. Assume that food bloggers don’t want to be targeted by your service unless they contact you directly and ask to be on your list.

    What do you reckon?


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