What is this blog?
Established on July 11 2005, it’s simply my views on food and drink, especially eating out in Melbourne.

Who are you?
My name is Ed Charles. I’m more of a punk rock food warrior than a f–die. I’m also a freelance journalist who splits his time between writing on business and food and drink.

I’ve reviewed restaurants for the The Age Good Food and Gourmet Traveller Guides and the Golden Plate Awards in Geelong.

Why Tomato?
First my grandfather imported them to England from the Canary Islands. Second because ripe and straight off the plant at blood temperature they are beautiful but unripe for the big supermarkets they are awful. The contrast illustrates the contrast between everything that is good and bad about the food we are sold and eat today.

Will you link to me?
I don’t do link swaps. But from time to time I will link to sites if I like them.

What if I don’t like what you write?
Tough, unless I am inaccurate in which case I will correct the mistake. Otherwise nothing changes. Correspondence may be published especially if abusive.

I take offense to that post and want it removed

Tough luck. Unless you ask nicely.

Do you moderate comments?
Not really. Only trolls.

Will you visit my restaurant?
I have a lot of invitations. But I am limited by time and money I have available. There is no harm in asking though. I do prefer to visit anonymously and to pay my way but occasionally do accept free meals.

Can I send you stuff?

Sure. I prefer information via email. You can also send stuff to my P.O. Box although I’m not really into a lot of processed goods.

5 Responses to “Terms Q&A”

  1. Anthony Rear

    Hello Tam Tran,

    Did you ever work at ANZ Randwick in Sydney? I have been trying to track down a Tam Tran (who also had a partner called Peter) for a while now. We worked together at ANZ in the ’90s.



  2. tam tran

    Hi Ed,

    My partner, Peter and his sister has opened a pho restaurant in Footscray which used to be the old Pho Tan Dinh at 73A Nicholson St. Footscray. We have been opened for nearly 12 months, our anniversary is on the 7/6/09. We believe that we have been quite successful to this day, considering the economy at the moment. We are now considering to build on our exposure, where we haven’t had much marketing/advertising to date. We are confident in our business and would like to get as many reviews as possible, so we can look at further improving our business in any way suggested. We are looking for compliments and constructive criticism to better the business- from customer service to the food.

    We would like to invite you to come to our restaurant and try our pho.

    Tam & Peter

  3. Peter Kalos

    I was born in Melb. but have lives in L.A. for the past 22 years. My wife and I are planning on living down there for a few years starting in June 09. She’s a NY born / Haitian – and we’ve been looking for a haitian place to eat in Melb with no luck. Is there ANY Haitian food. Do you know of any?

    Thanks in advance.