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Sydney food festival better than Melbourne?

Yu Bo’s Sichuan banquet at Sydney International food festival Is it possible to talk about Sydney and Melbourne without making a comparison of which is best? I think not. And so is the debate between which was the best food festival this year: the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival or Sydney. I went to both on freebies, although sponsored by NSW Tourism this trip was $$$$$$$$$$. I think Sydney wins for its focus and theming on Asia and perhaps reflecting […]

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Finger-licking good: My short history of sex in cooking television shows

[youtube:] Only the other night gazing out at the opera house from Quay restaurant in Sydney I had the good fortune to sit at dinner with the new improved much, much larger than life Matt Preston. Not only was I subject to his advice on all things Myf Warhurst, his pony skin R.M. Williams boots and dressing-up box chic but his stagey sexy looks. The look that stuck in my mind is when his sultry eyes gaze towards what should […]

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Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visit to Melbourne

You don’t have to know much about Anthony Bourdain to know he loves Melbourne. He was back earlier this year guided around town – and down to the Royal Mail Hotel – by Matt Preston, Tony Tan and Paul Wilson. Here are the Youtube clips from what was show recently in the US. [youtube:] Part one: Paul Wilson while he was at the Half Moon in Brighton. [youtube:] Part two: Playing Trugo with Matt Preston and kebabs on Sydney Rd […]


Thomas Keller talks Tomato

Neil Perry (left), Thomas Keller and Heston Blumenthal (bald). Courtesy of the Melbourne Wine and Food Festival. On the SBS Food site you can see my story on meeting Thomas Keller at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival earlier this year. Like most chefs of his calibre, he is charming and practiced and I got a lot out of him in some 20 minutes, more than there was space for in my profile on him. I’ve included some raw quotes […]

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Carry on Gordon Ramsay

[youtube:] On the bombshell that the Herald Sun is dropping the Gordon Ramsay cookery column on Tuesdays, the craggy-faced man arrives in town and we are invited to see him pre Tracey Grimshaw. I reckon he’s wearing heel lifts in his trainers and looking a bit taller than when he was last in town, has a better hairdresser and highlights and has had a bollock-load of botox. He forehead is more wrinkled than my scrotum and frozen solid. I didn’t […]

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40 exclusive minutes with Heston Blumenthal

With thanks to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. It’s 3.50 on a Friday afternoon. I’ve just finished a great meal cooked by Scott Pickett at The Point in Albert Park and his mentor the brilliant Phil Howard from Two Michelin star The Square in London as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. I can’t get a taxi to take me to The Langham where I’m interviewing possibly the most important chef in the world Heston Blumenthal who […]


Listen to Heston Blumenthal and Thomas Keller talk the new cooking with Neil Perry

Packed into the new recital centre in Melbourne were a star-studded audience to hear Neil Perry, Heston Blumenthal and Thomas Keller discuss “A new approach to cooking”. Sydney chef Tony Bilson was taking notes sitting next to the legendary Cheong Liew. I think I spotted Karen Martini and Martin Boetz. The audience was also packed full of a who’s who of local food media as well as few bloggers and quite possible a few more food twitters. We were all […]


The stress and sex of the kitchen

Gordon Ramsay caught in the lens in Melbourne…shortly after admiring the blouse of an Age writer… Apparently most chefs are at it not just Gordon Ramsay. The Times in London reports: “Close working relationships are formed in the intense kitchen environment, while partners are often neglected at home, unable to understand the stresses and strains of the job. This goes some way in explaining a Time Out survey of New York chefs published this month, in which 50 per cent […]

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Bourdain starts travel blog

Photography: Christina Simons p>Do I need say anymore about Bourdain’s blog apart from I found this via Slashfood? Perhaps I should also milk the archives: Part 1: A beer and a fag with Anthony Bourdain Part 2: On Ladro Part 3: Eating in Melbourne Part 4: No hippy shit Part 5: casual eating Part 6: Putting the boot in Part 7: A year in nam