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Best Bloody Mary in Melbourne

Think fusion. Melbourne’s bar staff are muddling Asian flavours with traditional ingredients. Welcome to the new wave Bloody Mary. Forget a shaft of celery; a dash of sherry, plenty of lemon juice, and tabasco. Think sake, wasabi, horseradish, baby tomatoes basil and coriander.BLOODY MARY SAN Ginger 272 Brunswick St Fitzroy 3065 (03) 9419 8058 Called the Breakfast Bloody Mary, this one has 45ml of pepper vodka compared to the usual 30. Muddled with Worcestershire Sauce, celery salt, cracked pepper, wasabi, coriander, basil, cucumber, lime, Tabasco and soy, this BM also features a dash of sake. Heat is chosen on a scale of one to ten. Topped-off with a cherry tomato stuffed with wasabi. Bang! More than worth $16.BLOODY MARY WITH A VIEW Soul Mama St Kilda Seabaths Jacka Boulevard St Kilda 3182 (03) 9525 3338If you can put up with the Vegatarian politics and sunset over Port Phillip Bay this could be the BM for you. Has all the right elements and the stick of celery for which we were searching. You are paying for the view. $12.UNDERGROUND BLOODY MARY Mink 2b Acland St St Kilda 3182 (03) 9536 1199 Slink into the basement for a BM to clean the sinuses. Made with wasabi infused vodka (which we recommend) or any other from Mink’s vast array of spirits and garnished with lemon this is the best BM under $10. $8.50BLOODY MARY MEETS MAO Double Happiness 21 Liverpool St Melbourne 3000 (03) 9650 4488 Soak-up the retro-Maoist decor at this blink-and-you’ll-miss inner-city bar. This BM contains a dollop of horse radish plus seeded mustard. The vodka is infused with smoked paprika and fennel. $14.Tell us about your best Bloody Mary.