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Kwan’s table – Thai cafe on Inkerman St

Once upon a time people blogged. And they met up. So here I am eating with Kenny from the west and the blog Consider the Sauce to chew on blogging, social media and the food of Kwan’s Table. Kwan’s is bright and contemporary replacement to Inkr7, a once popular cafe on this corner on Inkerman Street. The food is here is pretty good though not as hot or spiced as you’d find in many Thai restaurants. But the ingredients are fresh, it’s well prepared and nicely balanced. I dug into a Golden Pork Belly Salad, with cubes of twice cooked crisp pork belly and green apple, nam jim dressing and crushed caramelised peanuts costing $15. Perfect for a warm St Kilda day. Kenny was on the grilled Thai beef salad with tamarind relish, Asian slaw and mixed Thai herbs at $13. Kenny says the “beef was really, really good – lean, no fat or gristle, perfectly cooked. Damn fine!” I’ll be back to try the rest of the menu which ranges from a braised 5 spice pork belly, green chicken or prawn curries, Masaman lamb and Thai beef and soft shell crab burgers. Most mains are $12 to $15. Starters of rice paper rolls and other nibbles such as chilli cheese soldiers from $3.20 to $6.50. The desserts range from back sesame white chocolate roulade to pandan eclairs or chocolate creamy tart. While I’m at it, I’m back blogging. I’m focusing on the places to eat in and around St Kilda and its neighbouring suburbs for those of you who dare to cross the river from the north. I’ve asked Kenny, who documents the west, to keep me to that and prod me if I stop. Kwan’s Table Thai Inspired Cafe and Patisserie 7 Inkerman St, St Kilda Vic 3182 Tue-Sat 11.00-22.00 Sun 10.00-17.00

What next for St Kilda and the Dog’s Bar?

Dog's Bar

Has St Kilda lost its mojo as a destination or has the rest of Melbourne caught up? As I write this the Dog’s Bar is ten minutes from re-opening (at 4pm October 2 2014) under a new manager and what was Slow Down at Harley Court is now The Nelson, a cool looking rum bar, that opens on October 17 at 4pm I see the story of St Kilda’s decline and potential for rejuvenation as the story of the Dogs Bar, where the former owner operator of 12 years was kicked out for reasons you can read about here. Once St Kilda was the place to be. Circa The Prince with its white leather banquettes was the hottest restaurant in Melbourne. The Melbourne Wine Room at the George was bustling. It has since changed owners twice. St Kilda is currently without Donovans and the Stokehouse, both recent victims of fire. Donovans is closed till after Christmas and the Stokehouse has moved to the city until it can be rebuilt. The Dog’s Bar was once a casual dining destination, but the quality of service and food declined while the rest of Melbourne caught up and became better places to eat and drink. My affair with the Dog’s dates back to my moving around the corner to it in June 2000 after four years in Sydney. On any Friday night four couples from four houses in the street would go there with friends. There may be 10 to 20 of us depending on the night, drinking, eating and smoking. I can remember crisp service, reasonably priced and decent food and booze. And then a year later the brewing giant Lion Nathan bought it. These were the days before you could buy craft beer in a bottle let alone on tap in a pub or bar. Friday night was VB (or Carlton Draught) o’clock until Lion took over the beer taps. Lion Nathan with a loyal beer drinking base in NSW was trying to take the Carlton and United Breweries stronghold of Melbourne by buying up pubs including the Dog’s Bar, Bimbo Deluxe and a few more. They failed and their Melbourne boss David Carruthers, as the story was told at the time, negotiated the Dog’s Bar as part of his exit payment. All continued as normal with Becks on tap which tasted pretty good in 2001. By the time I temporarily left… Read more »