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Refining my kitchen design

Do you ever change your mind? My problem is that every time I see another kitchen it gives me an idea for my current one. These drawings and scribblings were refinements I made with Chelsea Hing, my designer, to another option for my kitchen design. Basically it’s a minor variation on my current kitchen in that it moves the fridge from my free standing bench and puts it against the wall. The sink remains facing the outer wall and the stovetop moves to the central island. I guess it’s a layout that I’m familiar with and seems to be a great option. As Poppy who commented on my original Kitchen design post said, it is a worry that I won’t have enough bench space. In the first design I probably did lose a bit and this gives me more. Of course, as soon I settled on this I saw the Noma test kitchen and was won over by some of the cheffy ideas. Next I need to post some inspiration.

First draft of the kitchen design

There’s been a lot of thinking about the new kitchen design. Chelsea Hing has visited my place and measured it up. But that hasn’t stopped me remeasuring it up every few days, pacing around and thinking up ideas. Oh, and boring friends silly on the them of my proposed new kitchen. I’ve passed a few ideas onto Chelsea and this is the amazing look she has come up with, which was a big surprise. First off she proposes we raise the floor by 10cm which will allow us to reroute the plumbing from an outer wall to the middle of the room. It’s pretty radical but I like it making my kitchen a stage. The next radical design is to get rid of the sink and stove on the outer wall and put them both on a central Island – topped by what probably would be a Qasair extractor system, which are the best in Australia. Finally, the plan is that we replace the glass wall with a shug – tuck shop – window. I like this idea. It means in summer (or winter) I can open it to circulate air. And it will clean up some messy design elements. It’s looking cool but she also has an option B for me to post soon. I’m very excited. You can see my first post on my kitchen redesign here and my previous kitchen here.