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Melbourne’s top 200+ blogs April 2014

It’s been a long time since anybody has updated any listing of blogs in Melbourne publicly and I’ve collaborated with Thang Ngo at Noodlies in Sydney to create a list based on Alexa ranking. Thang has incorporated the Melbourne listings with his Sydney listing to create a ranking of 595 Australian blogs. Inevitably as this is the first time for Melbourne we have accidentally left out a few people and perhaps included a few shouldn’t be here. If you think we’ve got something wrong just let me know in comments and we’ll get it fixed for the next version to be published in May. If you blog doesn’t have a number it is because there is no Alexa ranking or you have very low traffic. Also, I’d would only take the listing as a rough indication of ranking. For example, Alexa gives me what I think is an unfairly high score compared to more prolific bloggers. There again I have some 950 posts on this site over 9 years. All these rankings are imperfect but at least we have something here to talk about. You’ll also see some blogs that aren’t exclusively food but have a high food content. Anyway, debate your hearts our and let us know where we’ve stuffed-up. This list may be a bit different to Thang’s as I spotted a few duplicates and interlopers this morning and removed them. 1 food rehab: the tastebud diaries 539,298 2 gourmet chick 624,518 3 wandering spice 1,085,567 4 mel: hot or not 1,136,596 5 tomato 1,163,044 6 the last appetite 1,254,899 7 the food coach 1,395,512 8 the hungry excavator 1,402,941 9 kitchen wench 1,416,120 10 petit miamx 1,480,925 11 burger adventure 1,498,971 12 little eats 1,514,781 13 sarah cooks 1,620,644 14 sharking for chips and drinks 1,654,393 15 let’s get fat together 1,694,543 16 the whole pantry 1,750,305 17 the world loves melbourne 1,810,312 18 melbourne gastronome 1,931,872 19 a rhubarb rhapsody 1,991,728 20 dine whit me 2,050,082 21 fitzroyalty 2,130,471 22 mab vs food 2,150,178 23 gourmanda 2,168,118 24 melbourne australia 2,275,779 25 food lover’s journey 2,319,514 26 parmadaze 2,384,256 27 lisa eats world 2,487,914 28 footscray food blog 2,492,210 29 poppet’s window 2,663,566 30 green gourmet giraffe 2,745,966 31 food on my dog 2,759,032 32 where’s the beef? 2,778,218 33 food made with love 2,794,581 34 the very very hungry caterpillar 2,878,101 35 nourish me 3,071,653… Read more »

The great food blogger witch hunt

I’ve updated this post as more information came in from Sharky. If anyone else wishes me to update anything, please let me know. I am attempting to be as accurate as possible here.You’ll see the updates appear underlined like this. There’s this group of people who are so passionate about food that they spend a fortune and invest hundreds of hours of time engaging with the culture surrounding it. Not only are they eating out, buying ingredients, gadgets, renovating kitchens and travelling to food destinations, buying tickets to food festivals and producer dinners but also buying up cookbooks, food magazines and devouring the weekly food sections in newspapers. They are the hard core supporters of the restaurant business, fancy cooking stores, food magazines and newspapers. And they blog. They Tweet, Instagram, Pin, Vine their exploits. Free of charge mostly. Even if they aren’t spending much money on something, there’s a good chance they are giving it free publicity. As a marketing person I’d want to reward these people as my best loyal customers and promoters. Instead it’s become fashionable for nearly a decade now to give these people a good kicking. Food writers, journalists, food festivals and chefs have joined to put the boot in whenever they can. A few weeks ago John Lethlean in The Weekend Australian hit on the undisclosed conflicts of interest of an award winning food blog. Within 24 hours Larissa Dubecki had joined the attack while the debate raged on personal Facebook feeds and Twitter. It neatly tied in with a clarification by the ACCC on false reviews that blogger-lawyer Claire Davie posted on her blog Melbourne Gastronome. So what’s happening? There’s been a symbiotic relationship between PR, marketing and journalism since the year dot. The marketers with their advertising support the media. PRs facilitate stories, manage messages and throw fantastic parties and dinners. They also occasionally pay for business class flights, $2,500 a night hotel rooms, free meals and send us bottles of vintage Krug or on a slow day Dom Perignon at least. And let’s not forget the conflicts of interest among travel writers subsisting on travel famils (free trips) – and the many conflicts of interest among Australia’s most influential wine and food writers. As a former journalist I have received all of the above. As a social media influencer too (apart from the Krug though I prefer smaller name grower champagnes… Read more »