Vegetables: the future of food?

Vegetables: the future of food?

Livestock are not as efficient as plant based foods, according to a recent report from The Economist. And if we want to be able to feed an extra 1.8 billion people in 2050, we are going to have to think about the future of food product seriously. The report says: “According to the United Nations, livestock uses around 30% of the world’s ice-free landmass and produces 14.5% of all greenhouse-gas emissions. Making meat also requires supplying animals with vast amounts […]

The Butter Factor

The Butter Factor

Butter’s come a long way since Marlon Brando first used it as a lubricant – just as cheese has come a long way since it was imported into Australia in tins. We now have our first legally made unpasteurized cheese – known as C2 – available from Bruny Island Cheese. And for the first time the Australian Cheese Awards have recognised a really decent local cheese – Jindi Old Telegraph Road. The long slow march of the cheesemakers is now […]

Ethical foie gras: the vodcast

[youtube:]   Why isn’t somebody doing this in Australia? This isn’t a new story but the Ted Talks vodcast only recently was published.

A new manifesto for meat eaters (and Bloggers meet version V)

Mark Bittman makes a lot of sense on the need not to give up meat but eat less. In the New York Times (via Lifehacker) he outlines a manifesto for eating less meat on which I’ve put my own spin below. It’s also worth checking out Bittman on the excellent TED Talks. Meanwhile, with Confessions of a Food Nazi we’re planning the vegan/vegetarian bloggers meet. I think we have six coming already. Where: Lentil as Anything Abbotsford Convent. Afterwards at […]

The fish we can eat vs the fish we shouldn’t

Nothing is a simple as it seems. Even choosing to eat the humble fish is fraught with pitfalls.The Australian Marine Conservation Society ACMS recently introduced the Sustainable Fish Finder which if not complicating the matter certainly makes me feel bad about my eating habits.Around the world fish come by different names, some designed to hide their breed and origin. So if you are in the US or Australia and see Sea Bass on the menu you being offered the threatened […]

Coffee: If it doesn’t have the label it ain’t Fairtrade.

In the early 1990s things got really bad for coffee growers. Market prices rock-bottomed for the bean. It cost more to grow than the market would pay.Growers pulled their children out of school to work, forests were cleared to put in more coffee trees and labourers lost their jobs. That’s where The Fairtrade Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up in 1992 by groups including Oxfam, jumped in.The aim was to ensure that Third World farmers got a fair deal when […]

The consumer revolution arrives

This is a magazine that tries to do what so few do nowadays. ConsumerRevolution wants to aim high, not low reports adbusters and overthrough the mass produced revolution. We tried our own hand at something similar with Tomato about good, fresh local food and none of the pre-packaged horseshit that the big manufacturers are trying to push. A couple of advertisers recognised our audience but the purity of what we were trying to do had to be diluted. Consumerevolution takes […]