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Weekend herb, cat and chicken blogging

I should be in the McClaren Vale wine region in South Australia. But I cancelled because J is ill so I’m shifting compost and large chunks of wood from A to B at the Vegout working bee. And I’m also weekend herb and cat blogging, all in one entry. I take time out for some maintenance on my two basils and remind myself that I must cook with the purple variety. Since it’s time for Weekend Cat Blogging, and the dogs and I caught this cat on my veggie batch last week, I thought I’d chip in. The good thing about the cat is that it keeps the rodents away. This is the first time ever that my young bean shoots haven’t been gnawed away and we may actually have a crop. Now the cat is waiting for mice to run out as we turn the compost. Sadly, I haven’t beeen a diligent gardener for the past year I’m not in with the mafia so I’m not getting freshly laid eggs. A task for this year, perhaps. Anyone up from weekend chicken blogging? WHB, WHB#18, weekend herb blogging, weekend cat blogging, WCB, WCB#35

Vegetable bodies unite

Australian produce marketing bodies are uniting to create a clearer labelling system so Aussies can be sure they are buying Aussie food, reports the advertising trade magazine B&T (As Ad News alumni I feel bad about plugging the competition). B&T says that peak representative bodies coming together include AUSVEG, Australian Pork Limited, Australian Prawn Farmers Association, Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, Apple and Pear Australia, and Horticulture Australia Council. The organic bods such as NASAA (whatever that means) and the BFA (Biological something or other Farmers) are also in on the act of confusing consumers with their various labelling schemes but not bothering to communicate any property to the general public. Macro Wholefoods