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Why Kitkat deserves the big finger

Just when and why did Kitkat have to become so complicated? You know what it’s like at 4 o’clock and you need a sugar rush to get you through the day. I know that I should be eating 70 per cent cocoa solid chocolate but I need the drug that Kitkat can supply in the form of a regular old-fashioned block. But can you find one? No. All that is available is sickly muck in the form of Big Fingers or these bloody new-fangled temptations – oval units of chocolate-like gunk fused together into a crinkle-cut big finger. I tried the honeycomb and the café latte and felt quite sick afterwards. Thankfully, the chocolate eclair, hazelnut praline and caramel fudge versions weren’t available to tip me over the edge. Now I give Kitkat the big finger back. Reminder to self: avoid.

Top cinema sweets

From my niece clanky: 1 Maltesers 2 M&Ms – Peanut – Chocolate – Mixed – Crispy 3 Skittles 4 Pick ‘n Mix – Fantails – Minties – Chicos (never heard of these)