Best chocolate in Melbourne


Monsieur Truffe found my heart with darkness. His rich dark truffles are the best in Melbourne.
Artisan chocolate shops are multiplying like rabbits but all of them are to fancy and too sweet in what they serve.
Monsieur Truffe is very dark and very sinful. He recommends one single truffe a day. I find it difficult to to resist a packet each day – my dark northern European (Lithuanian) genes talking.
I love the 70% but the 55% will probably suffice for all you amateurs out there. Or you could try the rosemary flavoured variety.
Catch him on Saturday at Prahran market at the entrance near the carpark. Arrive early.


  1. Nutraceuticals…sounds a bit dodgy. I’m annoyed I stayed out ’til 4am last night as I missed stocking up on the old truffes.

  2. There I am having to trawl through millions of incredibly boring papers on nutraceuticals and just dying. I take a break, come here and face another new level of torture. Oysters AND dark truffles? What are you doing to me??? *Sob inconsolably* Right, back to work.