Does My Blog… update 2

Oops – it appears I’m having some technical difficulties with the DMBLGIT picture gallery.
Sorry about this – I hope to have it back up and running soon.


  1. Hi Paz

    I’m still having some technical issues, which is most annoying!
    If you click on the DMBLGIT link at the top left of the page, it clicks through to the gallery, but the photos aren’t visible. You can click through on each title, and see the photos in the blogs, but it’s obviously not ideal!.
    Still trying to work it out.

    In the meantime, I’m off to the shop soon to get my final ingredients for the buns – I’m going to attempt them this afternoon….

  2. Hi Kylie:

    I hope everything starts working for you soon.

    Did you get a chance to make the sticky buns?