My first Pho: Hanoi

Well, not strictly my first but my first in Vietnam and for breakfast.
It’s hot and humid and we’re about to be killed by several hundred motocycles bearing down on us at a crossroads. Somehow we make it over and land at the Little Hanoi 1 (25 Pho Ta Hien 926 0168) restaurant, recomended by Lonely Planet. And this is why we are to dump Lonely Planet because it was stuffed full of people – all Wasps – who had found it in this book.
The food was excellent and I enjoyed a fish and vegetable sweet and sour soup and the spring rolls really were the best I’ve had (there again this was the first lot in Vietnam).
J and I are staying in the old town. Narrow tall streets again ringing with the constant honking of motorcycles. Locals crouch down at street corners enjoying the various specialities of stalls. Some are duck, others snail and various moluscs. They burn offerings to their ancestors and the smoke and pollution is a heady mix.


Then there are the tiny hole in the wall places that make their own beer. Tomorrow for them.
And as for breakfast, my hotel grabbed me a beef pho from the street stall opposite. J ate delicious scrambled egg with a fresh baguette. The coffee was very dark, thick and tasted of chocolate.

Anyway, sans Lonely Planet we’ll see what we can find from Stickyrice and Noodlepie. Meanwhile, those LP people who advise us tio tread softly, I may just develop a treatise on their economic force on developing nations.


  1. Thanks Paz. Have to report have dippe back into LP. And have some disturbing news aboutdogs.

  2. Continue to have a safe and good time and finding great places to eat (sans Lonely Planet, LOL!)!

    I look forward to reading your posts about your trips.