The chocolate I want, knew and now know

 [youtube:]The chocolate I wantThe Granada Chocolate Company is a must visit. If you can’t make the trip check out the above or just buy the chocolate.This is a producer that is better than fairtrade and claims to own the smallest chocolate factory in the world. It is owned by a cooperative which also processes the cocoa into chocolate rather than only grow it.Fairtrade producers simply sell at a higher price with the profits often going to large landowners. Apparently, the Granada Chocolate Company could sell more chocolate than it makes and is expanding its factory. And I’d like to go there and taste the chocolate, which sadly isn’t available in Australia.

I’m writing this as part of the Food Destinations events this month being hosted by Emily at Chocolate in Context.

The chocolate I knew

I’ve always chomped into giant blocks of dark chocolate, the ones contained at least 50 per cent cocoa solids. But my love of chocolate hit another level when I discovered Chantal Cody’s Rococo in London’s Kings Road in the late 1980s. It was here I discovered the joys of Valrhona, particularly the 64 per cent cocoa solid Manjari variety.So began my regular Sunday pilgrimage on the No.11 bus (an old Routemaster at the time) to the Kings Road to this cornucopia.

The chocolate I know


Possibly the most diverse choice of chocolate in Melbourne is at Prahran Market. If you must, you can buy from a couple of organic stalls Green & Black’s chocolate. But remember G&B is a company that is now owned by Cadbury but does sell still some Fairtrade chocolate.

The Essential Ingredient sells my favourite plain chocolate for eating, 70 per cent Kennedy & Wilson chocolate, designed by a winemaker and one of my favourites to by by the kilo. This chocolate is divided into five 200g blocks, which are easy to break apart by hand. When K&W isn’t available, I can always able to buy Callebaut or Lindt. But these are really better for cooking that eating.

Instead I would visit Monsieur Truffe, a real Frenchman with an accent (but not a comic Gabrielle Gaté one) but no website. His cart is almost smack in the middle of the main market hall and he has become one of the most popular artisans in Melbourne (according to bloggers at least), as I’ve said before.He makes some of the best truffles I have ever tasted in Australia. They are not too sweet. Plain dark, lime, rosemary or mountain pepper. His caramelized chocolate coated roasted almonds are second only to ice ( or crack cocaine) in their addictive qualities.Today I’m buying a truffle made with a single estate 65 per cent Felchlin chocolate, of which I’m told there are only 30kg left in Australia – probably a lot less by now. You can also buy this stuff by the pound.

Or you could go for the flourless chocolate mousse. It doesn’t matter what you choose really. Everything is good at Monsieur Truffe.


  1. huh? when Can I buy online here? give me a link please.. I want to buy.. I love it!!

  2. Fleur, You’ll have to buy it online.

  3. Do you know anywhere you can get Rococo chocolate in Melbourne?

  4. just finished the last bag of the caramilized almonds we recieved for Christmas and are having withdrawals. Help!!!!!!!!!! where can we buy , where can we find a catalog. Anything would help we are getting tired of carriing around the empty bag. Yanks love chocolate too, you know.

    Connie M. Gill
    Franklin, KY 42134

  5. Hi.
    In response to cacao’s ganache fillings.
    Truffles are ganache.
    They are made the same way just the finishing is different.

  6. Shelvia, I have. They focus on ganache style fillings. but for dark dark rich truffles no one comes close to truffe.

  7. Have you tried cacao? They have shops in GPO and in St Kilda. For luxurious looking chocolate, they taste spectacular. 🙂

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  11. marie_lise,
    I emailed them to try and find out about importing some but didn’t get a reply. i guess i should just order some online too.

  12. Grenada chocolate, the love of my life ;0)
    I discovered it when my previous boss brought some from Grenada, it is by far the best dark chocolate (I am more a milk chocolate myself) I ever tasted. The only down side to live in Australia is not to be able to find some here or at least a company who sell it. There is a hope however as we can order it from London, cannot wait to receive it !!

  13. I’m a chocoholicand would love to try the Monsieur Truffe, but what can I do, he is over there, and I am over here in Californina. In the mean while I will a piece Michel Cluizel, a French genius chocolate maker (you can order his stuff online…)I highly recommend for you to try it if you havn’t.

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  15. The Monsieur Truffe display is lovely. Too bad he doesn’t sell online.
    Thanks for posting the movie. I’ve seen Grenada chocolate at my local shop, but had no idea of its background. Very inspirational.

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  17. Ilingc
    Fair enough, I have to admit I doesn’t always make the markets even though I’m quite close by. Luckily though we have a good IGA. And I also usually do have a crisper full of rotting vegetables.

  18. It’s really bad I know *embarrased* But the closest market to me is either Boxhill or Springvale and I can’t stand going to Springvale. We used to do a whole weeks of shopping in a go and then ended up throwing out all the rotten food because my housemate and I would end up not cooking on some nights so the food just went to waste and I hate wasting food. So now I only buy what I need from Coles when I’m cooking so it doesnt go to waste.
    But I think I’m going to start making Prahran a once a month thing, for the truffe and special dinners 🙂

  19. ilingc I can’t beleive that you live in Melbourne and don’t shop in markets although at least you appreciate a good truffe.

    Ellie, and I think i owe you a pack as the soon to be announced winner of the caption competition.

  20. I’ve only been to the Prahran markets once, and that was when I was much too young to appreciate the goods that it held. I’ve heard amazing things about Monsieur Truffle and (I think it’s his) passionfruit truffle? Must really make it down there one day…

  21. oh i agree, monsieur truffe is certainly excellent. i usually dont shop at markets but i made a special trip down to prahran just to look for him and the truffles.. mmm