The $55 dégustation

The menu is ever changing but what is consistent are the fresh ingredients and the levels of service. The texture of the folds of pearl meat with shitake mushroom and spring onions served at Asiana (181 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, 3206 +61 3 9696 6688) is a reason to take a detour, although is not on every day.

I visited twice in two weeks, once on a Tuesday lunchtime and once on a Monday evening. Each time the place had a respectable crowd. What amazed me a few days after my Three, One, Two visit was the value offered by this dégustation.
Each portion was the perfect size. And, knowing what the proliteriat really wants from a Chinese restaurant, my old friend Crispy Duck satisfied me twice.


  1. Kevin, I ‘m afraid I don’t do viedo but if i do I’llprobably post it on this site.
    Scott,I’m looking forward to Chinese NY too. We’re off for yum cha Sunday and will also blog it.

  2. Crispy duck works for me. You’re making me think about my Chinese New Year Dinner which I’m going to on the 19th – and will blog about soon after!

  3. You could take a video camera next time you go and then send us your report for TasteTV. It sounds like it might be good.