Confession time…again. Your chance to vote.

Shock horror I’m English and, yes, I rely on at least two of what have been revealed to be the UK’s four staples, despite having lived in Australia for 11 years now.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Guilty as charged. This is a winter staple for me. Perhaps every two months I will cook a great vat of the stuff, eat some for supper – and maybe lunch later in the week – and freeze the rest. I’d like the judges to take into consideration that I probably eat this only once every two to three weeks when in season and only then when busy, tired or emotional.

Chilli con Carne

Guilty as charged. Another winter staple with basically the same story as above. Mitigating circumstances: At least I use loads of really hot chillis and 70 per cent cocoa solid chocolate to give it flavour.

Chicken Tikka Massala

M’Lord, I only made this dish once last year using a jar of Patak’s paste. Actually this is probably an annual or biannual event. Eating chicken tikka massala in both Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars (that’s big burial jars in Laos and nothing to do with jars of Patak’s) should be taken into account in sentencing. Ditto my regular visits to Bala da Dhaba (56-58 Glen Eira Road, Elsterwick, Vic 3185 +61 9523 8683) where I rarely eat CTM but will eat plain chicken tikka out the tandoor and a whole load of other curries.
Bangers and Mash

Mitigating circumstances: only out and usually at the Dogs Bar (54 Acland St, St Kilda, 3182 +61 3 9534 3075) during the winter.

What are your staples at home?
Spaghetti bolognaise
Chilli con carne
Chicken tikka massala
Bangers & mash
Steak or burgers
Roast chicken
Lamb chops
None of the above
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  1. Ellie, i shall post some more chicken Tikka Massala adventures. Did you miss the one at the Plain of Jars?

  2. I WISH we could get bolognese to last that long in our house 🙁 Everytime I make a giant vat of it, my brother demands lasanga…and suddenly it’s nearly all gone! Would you believe I’ve never ever tried chilli con carne or chicken tikka masala?

  3. Kylie,
    Did I say there was anything wrong with a bolog? Yes, I do use milk – full cream if I can smuggle it in.
    Well I’m usually simply cooking some molecular cusiine – you know cook an egg for 2.5 hours ar 72 degrees. that kind of thing.

  4. Nothing wromng with any of those.

    I’d happily each once a week and dine on millefeuille of confit raviolo with balsamic jelly shiso and a sardine icecream cappucino of freshly shucked oyster wasabi sorbet the other three days.

  5. What’s wrong with bolognese, you food fascist!

    Do you make your sauce with milk??

  6. Neil, probably not a purest in that I use mince and kidney beans.
    Steve, human with many human flaws
    Phil, all these surveys have to be looked at with suspicion, especially the PR driven ones. Apparently in Oz people rotate about 8 recipes. Pasta and mince or how about some noodles and mince – preferably pork.

  7. I don’t think that it is any great surprise that people cook their “comfort foods” more often than anything else and not hugely surprising that people would have four such foods that they cook more often than others. It would certainly be a worry if people were only cooking four different dishes (or less!) – but given that we’re not privy to the data, it is pretty hard to draw that conclusion.

    It certainly makes for a tasty headline for Loyd Grossman who commissioned the survey. I wonder if they would have commissioned it had they not known in advance that more than one of their product offerings would be in the top four.

    I’m a pretty big bolognese fan, but tend to view it as the category of foods that revolve around pasta and minced animal rather than a single dish.

  8. I suppose you’re only human Ed!

  9. So are you are purist or heathen with your chilli con carne?