Bad restaurants with bad names

What is it with the brashest places also having the worst restaurants with the worst names? I’ve recently returned from the Gold Coast where money seems to be sloshing around and everybody seemingly drives either a BMW or a Mercedes.

You’d think that with all that money that there would be decent food and drink to be had. I can only think of half a dozen places worth visiting but this


  1. Has anyone been to Fasta Pasta In Keysborough Lately?
    was sitting close to where the cooks were working.
    Apart from the swearing i could here from them… it was not good to
    see some cock roach run along the bench. Also one manager guy introduced himself as Tony was creepy annoying around us and our coffee was cold..
    waste of my money and time!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi everyone, I’d like to warn everyone in Melbourne of a European restaurant in Malvern, called Rasputin. THe owner of this restaurant is a rude pig who treats his customers with no respect at all. Please DO NOT dine here, I want to see this guy go out of business!!! I reckon cattle on a cattle farm get treated with more respect that the customers do at Rasputin.

  3. Please keep comments on subject. I’ve deleted all the Dinos comments as it is comment spam by a restaurant promoting itself. Sorry but in the PR business it’s known as astroturfing. Dinos is Banned from this blog if any further off topic comments are made just promoting itself.

  4. hello everyone

    The Gold Coast is a place where money seems to be sloshing around

    Be awear that the LOST CITY in Upper Coomers on the Gold Coast is bad….
    The state of the kitchen is appaling, cockroaches, served off food, mold, maggots, they serve food that has been on the floor, cold room is normall ALWAYS got some off meat product, they dont stack the fridge propperly (seafood over chicken) … i would rather eat my own vomit than eat there…
    We would NOT eat there even if you paid us…..

    So have fun….

  5. I’ll be grateful for any INDEPENDENT restaurant review guide in GC. Went to the Japanese Ichiban resto in GC after a day at the beach, and they wouldn’t even let me eat the food i ordered in their restaurant because my partner, who wasn’t hungry yet – didn’t order any food, and plan to just sit and talk to me. They didn’t even have the courtesy to let me know about the stupid policy before I order and pay. The food itself doesn’t look appetising in the take away container (it was that, or paying an extra $5 so my partner and I can have a table – and there are plenty of empty table as it is after lunch hour), so I just chuck it away in the bin.

    Northcote VIC 3070

    A friend of mine works at this Bakery and has advised me that most ingredients used are overdue and some even have Mould growing on them. Food sometimes dropped on the floor and then picked up and sold to customers. This is Disgusting ! My friend has also mentioned that for some Customers they don’t like, they even Spit in their food.
    This is Sicking !
    Someone has to put a Stop to this.

    NOTE FROM ADMIN: I’ve moderated the name of this bakery as I’m not familiar with this commenter and it may be hearsay.

  7. I lived in Melbourne for a few years and moved back to the Gold Coast fairly recently and it’s true – the quality of restaurants is pretty dismal.

    Everything from the restaurant names as you said, to the quality of service and food is lacking which is why out of frustration I decided to start a website called Gold Coast Food Guide where people can leave their comments and reviews to find out where other people recommend as a great place to eat.

    The Gold Coast doesn’t have many (any) independent restaurant review guides and the reviews in the local newspapers are biased as they are only published when the restaurant places ads in their dining section.

  8. I haven’t been to any GC restaurants myself, but there is an article in July’s Jetstar magazine mentioning/recommending Chill on Tedder (cheffed by River Cafe alumnus Daran Glasgow), the Gold Coast Arts Centre (chef Brian Meade) and Moo-Moo’s Wine Bar & Grill