Menu for Hope: the Asia Pacific prize round-up !UPDATED!


List updated 20.12.08 10.30am

Menu for Hope has launched. By joining in you can help in a small way to help end hunger in the third world and win prizes at the same time.

After raising nearly $100,000 last year food blogger Pim Tchamuanvivit has again chosen to support the UN World Food Programme school lunch program in Lesotho.

How can you help?

All you need to do is buy a US$10 raffle ticket for prizes at First Giving or arrange for a prize to be donated and blog about it or ask the help of a friendly blogger to blog about it (I’m happy to help out). You can read more about offering prizes here. Logos to use are here.

Donation Instructions:
1. Choose a prize or prizes of your choice from the Menu for Hope masterlist at Chez Pim or the Asia Pacific List below.
2. Go to the donation site at First Giving and make a donation.
3. Each US$10 you donate will give you one raffle ticket toward a prize of your choice. Please specify which prize you’d like in the ‘Personal Message’ section in the donation form when confirming your donation. You must write-in how many tickets per prize, and please use the prize code.
For example, a donation of $50 can be 2 tickets for AP01 and 3 tickets for AP02. Please write 2xAP01, 3xAP02
4. If your company matches your charity donation, please check the box and fill in the information so we could claim the corporate match.
5. Please allow us to see your email address so that we could contact you in case you win. Your email address will not be shared with anyone.

The prizes

AP01 Pie: A global history


This is a terrific prize from Janet at The Old Foodie who will send a copy of her book Pie: A global history to the end of the earth. If you are not familiar with The Old Foody it is well worth a visit and packed full of quirky stories and facts from food through history. And congratulations to Janet as another blogger who is entering into print. Post anywhere.

AP02: A half-pound bag of Shan State green tea


It’s a striking land, Shan State. Just across the northern border of Thailand lies a different world; a landscape steeped in beauty, a people with histories worth reading.
And tea. Fine, sweet, glorious green tea. When my Burmese students took journalist and blogger Karen Coates from Rambling Spoon to dinner last month and she asked the origin of the tea on the table. One blurted out: “Shan State. The best tea comes from Shan State.” People around here know this as truth.
This year, Karen is offering half a pound of green tea from Loi Mwe, an old British hill station nearly 5,000 feet up a Shan mountain. These are whole tea leaves, which produce a mild, smokey, flowery drink without the slightest hint of bitterness. It is the drink of the Shan world, served with every meal, offered to every guest. It warms the heart on cold winter mornings. I purchased this tea myself in Shan State, with profits going directly into local hands. Post anywhere.

AP03: 6 weeks of personal food and nutrition planning


Sydney-based blogger Kathryn Elliott of Limes and Lycopene is offering everything you want to start the new year fresh and healthy. That’s 6 weeks of online personal food and nutrition planning and coaching worth A$290. Available anywhere – online.

AP04: Mugaritz down under: A tasting menu with matched wines for 2 people worth $460 at the Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld


When I uploaded a photo of Mugaritz’s head ex-chef Dan Hunter to Flickr somebody tagged him as cute. I don’t know whether that alone makes a visit to the Royal Mail Hotel at Dunkeld in Victoria’s southern Grampians worthwhile but his food does. His food showcases the herbs, vegetables and leaves from the hotel’s extensive kitchen gardens matched with the wines selected by sommelier Lok Thornton from one of the best wine cellars in the state.
I’ve eaten there twice and both times impressed. On my last visit I ate one the of the best most aromatic truffle dishes I have ever had made with the Tasmanian Perigord variety. His flavours are pure; squid tastes of squid, for instance. And his presentation, as you’d expect, is art.
A tasting menu with matched wines for 2 people is worth $460. Available to anybody who can make the 3 hour trip from Melbourne. I’m hosting this one.

AP05: Degustation dinner for 2 with matching wines at Melbourne’s Restaurant of the Year Attica.


Attica is running hot this year having won Restaurant of the Year and Dish of the Year in The Age Good Food Guide Awards. New Zealand-born chef Ben Shewry brings real passion and innovation to this tiny kitchen that somehow consistently serves up amazing food. Much of the inspiration is drawn on Shewry’s experience, for instance a near drowning as a child or the earth. He also dives in the bay to forage for unusual ingredients which you will find nowhere else. Ben tells me that he’s stopping eating at at other restaurants and deliberately not ready the Ferran Adria books so he can forge his own way with food which is pretty cool. I’m hosting this prize. I’ve eaten at Attica three times this year (including for the Martini Monster’s birthday) and I think four last year, including for my own birthday. Available to anyone who can make the worthwhile trip to Melbourne.

AP06: SYDNEY: A day behind the scenes on a food styling shoot with Australian Gourmet Traveller

This is something money can’t buy and you can read how Jackie at Eating with Jack got on last year. Available to anyone who can make the trip.( Hey Gourmet guys, share some link love)

AP07: Coffee heaven and training


They drink so much Java (just so we don’t have to) that I don’t know quite how the buzzed-up bods at the Melbourne Coffee Review ever sit down to write a post. But they do and regularly. Steve Agi from the MCR is offering: 1 x Espresso Quest book by INSTAURATOR A$60. 1 x Entertainment Book (MELB) A$65. 6 x Cafe Workshop Tix (Cafe COACH) valued @ A$79 each worth a total of $474. 1 x Melbourne Coffee Review cap, limited edition PRICELESS.

AP08: Skin Saviour – his and hers worth A$219.90


Skin Saviour is skin care specially formulated by a Melbourne-based naturopath from natural plant extracts and oils for the sensitive skin-wise and planet-wise. This prize comprises a set of the woman’s products worth A$109.95 and the men’s worth the same – a total of nearly $220. It contains no animal products whatsoever and no ingredients are tested on animals. It contains, no GM products, petrochemicals, harsh soaps, hormones or known irritants. It’s softening the skin of all-sorts from upmarket builders to budding internet entrepreneurs. A must try. I’m hosting this prize and it can be delivered anywhere. Hosted by me.

AP09: A years supply mineral water from spa country


Here is a great prize for thirsty locavores hosted by Rigo at the guerrilla gardening site IPlant and IGlean. A years supply of mineral water with minimum food miles from Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. The prize is 7 cases of 18 X500ml or 12 X 750ml Hepburn sparkling or still mineral water delivered in Melbourne (retail $440). Ongoing, the winning bid can buy mineral water at the wholesale price and have it delivered to their door.
The water is bottled in spa country for restaurants and cafes in inner city Melbourne including Pearl, Verge, Cicciollina, Baker D.Chirico, Cafe Racer, Carlisle St Wine Bar, Arintje, St Judes Cellars, Gertrude Street Enoteca, Cafe e Torta, Gills Diner, Benitos, Von Haus, Dench Bakers, Joes Garage, Babka, Alementari, Ladro, Panama Dinning Room, North, Small Block, Gingerlee, Rumi, Journal… Being conscious of food miles and the carbon footprint all of our packaging – bottles, boxes, and labels are manufactured within a 100 kilometre radius, and wherever possible we use recycled materials. Delivery to Melbourne only.

AP10: A year’s supply of Tim Tams


Jules at the gorgeous Stone Soup and her employer Arnott’s are donating offering three delicious cases of Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit Tim Tams. That’s 72 packets of Tim Tams over a year – way more than one pack a week. The way I eat Tim Tams that will last about two months.

AP11: 1 nights accommodation and a 3 course meal for 2 at the Provenance Restaurant in Beechworth.


Michael Ryan, ex Range in Myrtleford, has taken over the Bank in Beechworth which he has renamed Provenance Restaurant and Luxury Suites. In last year’s Good Food Guide Ryan scored two hats which means we can expect some pretty special cooking at his new place. The whole site, including the four suites at the rear of the property in the old stables, have just had an extensive refit. He is offering one night’s accommodation worth $295 and a three course meal for two worth $140. Hosted by me.

AP12: Accompany Age restaurant reviewer John Lethlean on a reviewNB: hold off on buying tickets for a day on this as something has changed!


Neil from At My Table is offering an amazing prize a review with John Lethlean, Australia’s premier food critic and food writer for The Age and Gourmet Traveller. This will give invaluable insights into what he looks for in a restaurant experience.

AP13 Get your health back on track in 2009


Another great prize from Kathryn Elliott of Limes and Lycopene. She works at The Balance2health clinic in Gladesville NSW which is offering a $220 package to get your health back on track:
* 30 minutes of personal training
* Diet evaluation session to maximise your health and energy levels
* 30 minute Remedial Massage
* a Hot Stone Massage
Valid until 30 June 2009.

AP14 Barista training and gourmet coffee hamper


Matt at Abstract Gourmet has got Fiori Coffee in WA to donate this juicy java.The coffee lover’s prize includes a 2.5 hour professional barista training course for 1 person and a hamper comprising 6 x 250 gram bags of fresh roasted coffee, 1 bag of chai, 1 bag of hot chocolate and a stovetop espresso maker (moka pot) which are worth in total $250.

AP15 A RM200 cooking class voucher at The Cooking House in Desa Sri Hartamas.


Babe in the City from Kuala Lumpur is offering A RM200 cooking class voucher at The Cooking House in Desa Sri Hartamas. The hands-on learning, step-by-step demonstration and menu preparation are easy and enjoyable for novices as well as chefs. This offer is valid to KLite or anyone willing to travel to Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia for some cooking action.

AP16: 2 nights accomodation for 2 people in Dromana


The Purple Goddess from A Goddess in the Kitchen has donated a weekend for 2 at Chez Fur. She says: “As you will know, dear reader, this is our beloved holiday house, down at Dromana on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. The prize consists of 2 nights for 2 people. You will have access to our famous wood-fired outdoor oven! The house itself, is walking distance from Dromana beach.”

AP17: $100 Voucher The Prince Wine Store


The Prince Wine Store isn’t the cheapest but it is definitely one of the best wine shops in Melbourne and is donating a $100 voucher which is being hosted by the ever so splendid Neil from At My Table. Its South Melbourne store has a superb range of local and imported wines to choose from making this a really worthwhile bid.

AP18: Cooking class with Tony Tan


Jeff at Thermomixer has organized for 2 tickets to an evening class of the winner’s choice (subject to availability) for Tony Tan’s Unlimited Cuisine Company in Toorak to be taken at any time in 2009. Tony Tan is a great fun and a charismatic host of cooking classes featuring Asian, Indian, Spanish or Australian cuisine. In 2008 he cooked with guest chefs, who have included Chui Lee Luk, Dan Hunter, Ben Shewry, Andrew McConnell, Justin North, Brent Savage and Philippe Mouchel.

AP19: An almost priceless meal for two at Sunnybrae from local seasonal ingredients and good aged local wines


Visiting George Biron’s Sunnybrae Restaurant and Cooking School blog is almost as much of a joy as visiting the restaurant itself, a 2 hour drive out of Melbourne. Now you can buy a ticket to visit this wonderful restaurant where George barters local produce and produces absolutely sensational food. He is donating a table for 2 for any available date with some of the best wines that he has including museum stocks of Bannockburn wines and good champagne. Sticky and myself went there earlier this year and you can see how wonderful we thought it was here. I want to go back and she returned for more.

AP20: A degustation meal for two at Libertine with matching wines worth $270.


Libertine is a charming romantic French restaurant without the beret in North Melbourne and is offering a degustation for two of eight courses, focusing on seasonal produce available on the day, including highlights from Libertine’s a la carte menu, with matching wines, valued at $270. I’ve eaten there myself this year and had a great meal but ran out of time to blog about it. The food is good but what is exceptional is the list of carefully chosen wines mainly from small French producers. Unlike some large restaurants connected to a certain casino you won’t find yourself here being charged through the nose for wines that you could by off the shelf from your local bottle shop.

AP21: A day With amazing gateaux chef Sunny Yaw in Kuala Lumpur

Big Boys Oven brings you “A Day With Chef Sunny Yaw”. The raffle winner will spend a day close up and personal behind the scene with Sunny Yaw the resident chef of Big Boys Oven, an incredible gateaux chef with 15 years of baking experience behind him. He is famously known for his lovely macaroons.

Please join in. Please link. Please buy tickets from First Giving which is here.


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  2. Hi there,

    I placed a bid for AP21 today.
    But out of habit, I hid my email address.
    At the moment, I’m the only bidder I think. So if “Anonymous without an Email address” wins *crossing fingers* :), I’m contactable at

    Thanks for hosting!!! 😀

  3. Thank you, on behalf of the children who will receive this gift. Merry Christmas to you, and a happy 2009.

  4. Hi there – it would be helpful if you – or the prize giver – could note expiration dates for prizes, if there are any. (I’ve checked a couple prizegiver original posts and no mention.) I won a hotel stay in Bangkok in last year’s Menu For Hope and was surprised to find after the fact that it expired within two months, rather than being good for the whole year.
    I’d like to purchase tix for a few of the AUS prizes but OTOH, I’d hate to win dinner for two at a Melbourne resto and find I only had until the end of Feb to claim it.

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