Miss Jackson, I think I like you

Miss Jackson, 2/19 Grey St, St Kilda 3182 (+61 39534 8415)

Afficionadas of St Kilda cafes and coffee know there are few decent ones to be found nowadays on the main drags.

But there is still quality to be found dotted around the edges with the likes of Inker7 on Inkerman St, relative newcomer Nineteen Squares on Blessington St and the newish Miss Jackson.

Not Steve Kovacks at Miss Jackson

Steve Kovacks, a familiar face from the Birdcage for those of you who remember it, is joint partner in the venture and behind the La Marzocco Linea machine making some pretty decent lattes with Allpress beans.

Miss Jackson: lentil and beetroot salad.

There are cupcakes and brownies for morning snacks. Or food that goes beyond the standard cafe fare that is well priced and comes in large portions. A salad of lentils with beetroot (enough to make you panic the next morning) is wholesome and uplifting. The steak sandwich and piadinas are also worth a try with a glass of wine if you aren’t too fucked-up or hungover. (Hey, this is St Kilda after all.)

Miss Jackson: Piadina

But I give special mention to the corned beef sandwich which is served with gherkins on a wooden platter. It comes as close as I’ve found to the the salt beef on rye with pickles I used to gobble up at Selfridges in London.

Inside the tall Victorian space is light and airy with classic balloon-backed chairs and blond wood tables across it’s multiple spaces. In winter the fire is lit and from spring the outside deck will come into its own.

If you’ve missed Miss Jackson, it’s at the top end of Jackson St, near the corner of Grey hidden behind a lazer cut rusty steel fence.

As I said I think I like Miss Jackson. No, I’m sure. I really do like her.


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  2. Hey Morrisey, that moustache is a bit San Francisco isn’t it?

  3. Time to Bring on the dancing horses

  4. Listen to the silence, let it ring out.
    Keef you daft twit havn’t you been dead since 1976? Drowned in ya own womit diddn ya?

  5. Hi, KeefMoon. I have been actually dead since 1890 but still like coffee from Miss Jackson.

  6. Hey Ian, havn’t you been dead since 1980?


    Settled for a nice coffe and NO NEWSPAPER at Pellican.

    Is that Nick Stock lurking in the background of the first photo above?

  8. Ivan – don’t be so cheeky, not everyone is going to get your Russian humour!
    Miss Jackson is my favorite hang out in St Kilda, but Neil is right we don’t want too many people finding out about it or we may need further expansion – like opening on Mondays. Sorry guys, I know its your only day off – we just love you that tiny bit too much.

  9. They make really good coffee, though!
    Could anyone get Steve a hair comb as I always forget to bring one?
    From what I saw today – Matt doesn’t need one 🙂

  10. .

    Steve is a very good looking boy though, and they play 80’s English trash as well.

    Eric Bananaman