Slippery, furry and cold, I also ate terrific little scrotums of flavour at Din Tai Fung


This is one of the most memorable and best value dishes I ate while briefly in Sydney – the $6.80 Tofu with pork floss and 1,000 year old eggs – at Din Tai Fung at World Square. I think it was even better than the Shao-long bao, which has become so fashionable at Yum Cha nowadays.

I was eating with Shelley from SBS Food who was far more adept at eating these punchy little bags of flavour, using a technique that ensures that they didn’t burst down her front. Having only been introduced to these fashionable little soup-filled scrotums this year, I use the extreme and risky eating technique of shoving them in my gob. I just hope that one day I will learnt that this is a fast track to stained cloths and a burnt tongue.


Shelly, however wasn’t into the tofu dish. And I can see why. The floss looks like the result of shaving a brown jumper with a Remington Fuzz-Away. But I fell for the wobbly cold smooth tofu, the temperature itself providing a contrast to the woolly pork-flavoured floss and the black eggs.


The shame was the nut-like testical of pork that rattled inside the above buns.

Nevertheless, the value was terrific and I would return again. I’m going to submit this to Very Cheap Eats as the total cost for lunch for two with tea was $45.80.


  1. Not, the first thing that came into mind but I’ve never seen flesh coloured money bags before. Sorry to have ruined your yum cha.

  2. So scrotums were the first thing that came to mind, eh?

    Now, the next time I have them it’ll be all I think about. Lovely!

  3. I was in Singapore just last week and ate there at least 3 times, could not resist the soupy goodness! They were running a special on chili crab Xiaolongbao – not as good as the regular dumplings but still a treat.

    Ed, any idea if they have plans to open in Melbourne?

  4. I am salivating at those 1,000 year old eggs! The floss and the tofu, too, but mainly the eggs. MmMmmmmMMM! My office is in World Square (well, beside it), i so could eat at DTF every day. Am, uh, gob-smacked that someone would be so daring as to shove the whole soupy-filled sack into his mouth! Daredevil! 🙂

  5. ohhh! YUM! Always taken Din Tai Fung for granted In Singapore. I miss those little xiao long bao! Have you been to Hutong in Melbourne?

  6. That’s what Shelley was doing. If I remember – and boy what have I eaten since – it was pork and prawn.

  7. Ha. I have something against pork floss. It’s more like pork fairy-floss. As with the technique to eating xiao long bao, pick it up with chopsticks, sit in a spoon, nibble a hole, suck up the broth and then proceed to eat like a regular dumperin’.

    What else was in the scrotum?

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