Help needed to support Streetsmart charities


In a world with big budgets and high overheads, Streetsmart is one of those charities that helps the small and local, roping in cafes and restaurants to support often forgotten frugal local causes.

On Monday 9th November its 2009, running until Christmas Streetsmart’s campaign kicks off. The idea is that diners leave an extra $2 for Streetsmart, which distributes the funds to local homeless-related charities, the kind that only really need a few thousand dollars.

It isn’t a big charity but it is worthy and important because it works at the hyperlocal level (and you can find participants on a Google map here).

And many blogs, especially in the food and drink arena, tend to be hyperlocal.

What can I do to help?

Follow @StreetSmartAust on Twitter or join its Facebook page for updates on events.

If you are a diner and you have a choice of where to have a coffee or eat, choose a Streetsmart supporter and help by donating $2, that’s 2 lousy dollars. Nothing really.

If you have a blog (any blog, it doesn’t have to be about food) or you Twitter,you can help by promoting Streetsmart and pass on the messag to blogger and Twitter friends who may like to help. This is a great time for social media to show its solidarity whle old fashioned media are in flux and haven’t in many cases the resources to help right now.

Blog post ideas

– Help the campaign go viral. All ideas are welcome.

– Simply right a post reminding diners about some of your favourite places that support Streetsmart.

– I can help set up an interview with a chef or owner of a restaurant cafe for you to blog about

– I can also help set up interviews and stories with some of the charities involved. And believe me they do great work by helping give the disenfranchised their self respect back.

– Actually go out there and review Streetsmart supporters.

– Post Streetsmart banners on your blog

– Post the map of participating restaurants

Streetsmart bloggers and Tweeters

Claire from Melbourne Gastronome or @mutemonkey on Twitter who has done a great post on all the places she has reviewed who support Streetsmart. Check it out and see some of the best places to visit.

@injerarufus who also blogs here.

Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella has posted a great story about the Streetsmart BBQ in the back garden of Sydney Perama’s David Tsirekas attending by food celebrities and more than a good share of bloggers.

The Sydney Tarts were also at and blogged the David Tsirekas BBQ. And I wish I’d been there.

Ylla Wright of Kissing Frogs & Eating Snails (love the name) is also urging support of Streetsmart because of its work at the grassroots.

Elliott from restaurant review site 1001 Dinners !001 Nights is a supporter and you can check for reviews before you eat out.

Another Outspoken Femail from Confessions of a Food Nazi says that Streetsmart is another excuse to eat and while doing some good.

Zoe, just getting over her “knife block” from the Progressive Dinner Party in Canberra is supporting the campaign and the two restaurants involved.

A Sydney Traveller has a list of local Sydney restaurants involved in Streetsmart. quotes tim Costello: “”The beauty of this campaign is that anyone can be a part of it and make a valuable contribution.”

Youth Affairs Network Queensland notes that Streetsmart has raised $830,000 for 188 grass roots projects

Pigs Will Fly – The can do community blog – gives six ways to help.

Lucy from Nourish me has been to supporter Syracuse where apparently the loos are stunning.

That, apparently generally awesome, Jess Ho is also onboard.

What’s for tea? is also supporting this worth cause.

Elliott from 1001 Dinners 1001 Nights, who’s eatenin most of the world’s top restaurants, is also onboard.

Mellie at Tummyrumbles has posted about Streetsmart supporter The Commoner which serves amazing comfort food.

If I haven’t linked to your site here yet, let me know in comments.


  1. Good initiative to support for Streetsmart charities. I will foolw you on twitter, and support to your efforts.

  2. We went to

    (where the loos are stunning.)

  3. Did the post but forgot to tell you! It’s over here

    Keep up the great work 🙂
    Off to Gingerboy next week with the ladies to get behind the campaign some more.

  4. Hear hear! Streetsmart is definitely a campaign worth throwing your weight behind. I posted on my blog about it last week –

  5. Just some more coverage of the StreetSmart fundraiser by David Tsirekas on my blog 🙂