A laneway coffee festival is born


In addition to my journalism, now I am blogging for a living over at Ad News and for St Ali where I’m producing a series of video blogs looking at various aspects of coffee culture and some of the geekery behind it.

Cafe and coffee culture in Melbourne is going crazy right now and the new generation of roasters started with St Ali. Perhaps I have sold out, but it’s a great opportunity to experiment with video content and I seem to have a fairly open brief from owner Salvatore Malatesta, who I interview about great coffee, fixy bike racing, street art and DJs.

This is my first effort at the recent laneway festival at Yarra Place and the next will be here – or there – soon.


  1. Hey guys! I found this iPhone App via Staff Pick by Apple from LocalWineEvents where you can find all kinds of tasting events. I’ve already attended a few events using it, and I love it! They even do coffee, food, wine, etc.

  2. Great post. Definitely something different for the bloggosphere. I’m a little sad I was in South Melbourne last week and had no idea a coffee roaster was just around the corner.