Breaking the coffee (and road) rules


So there we are, driving along minding our own business in Sal’s Fiat 500. Well, we’d reversed out of Flinders Lane illegally right next to the Police Station and then driven through the bollards into Little Collins Street. A traffic warden has the gall to bollock us.
Yes, I’m afraid my sound still isn’t up to scratch but here is my second stab of talking coffee with St Ali’s Salavatore Malatesta(who funds these videos) and we have a bit of a laugh.


  1. Tomato what’s going on you are quiet there in blog land?

  2. Cheap bus hire – thanks

    Meagn,That was the idea to be funny – I could hardly fit in!

  3. I meant no offense but that is a ridiculously small car for the two of you!

  4. I like the video. πŸ™‚ Nice driving.. hehehe

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