Start queueing for Bar Americano

Hanky panky

Like its name, the fit out of this latest Der Raum spin-off is very slick and let’s say Americano. That’s slick tiling and panelling. The narrow bar inset with copper. And the fact it’s very very exclusive, allowing only 15 people in at once.

That means while you are there sipping you hanky panky (above) behind the shut gate, late coming friends have to wait in the cold with nothing but Melbourne’s smallest artspace, the Twenty by Thirty gallery, to amuse them.

The good news is that it is open from 7am, for coffee and food if you insist on veering from a liquid only diet, around the corner from the dustbins.

I’ll be back but suspect I’ll be enjoying Daniel Dorall’s exploration of the maze and the miniature (until June 30 at least) in the cold and the wrong side of closed bars rather than supping a zesty Chicago Fizz or feeding my caffeine habit.

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  1. This place is right next to my rubbish bin and i have watching them refurb it over the last few months! I’m going to have to check it out now