Check the Vue at Lui Bar

The view alone is worth it at the new Vue de Monde. Photo: Adriane Strampp

In case you hadn’t heard,Lui Bar at Shannon Bennett’s new Vue de Monde at the top of The Rialto is open to all comers. And it is not only worth it for the drinks but the vue (view geddit?) of the traffic streaming through Melbourne at night.

The attention to detail and the levels of service at Lui Bar are unmatched in Australia. First you approach the receptionist, who communicates with the bar via FBI-stle earpiece and microphone, at the foot of The Rialto Tower.

Your name is taken, my name recognised as having visited Vue de Monde before, and I’m sent to the bar to be met at the top level with a gleaming block of ice sitting on the bar at the entrance.

#ice here is fricken awesome

I slipped into a dry martini and was clocked by Rocco Esposito who I’d been talking with on Twitter.

Loving the new bar attached to Vue de Mode #martini

Meanwhile, Adriane dives into the Negroni, which comes with a single cube of the venue’s amazing clear ice and almonds sugared with Campari.

There are plenty of snacks for the hungry. Last night beef stew and Poire Belle-Hélène was the special. Or you could have chosen from Chicken Noodle Soup, Roadkill terrine, French onion soup chips, Moonlight Bay Oysters or ham and cheese toasties.

If you can’t afford the full Vue de Monde experience, then it’s worth a trip here.



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  2. ahh, great to hear that. Cheers!

  3. Joanne,
    I don’t really have much more info or many mor pics. It’s quite dark. Jst try it. Drinks are around $20 for a cocktail. Snacks from about $14 to $25.

    Georgia, No need for the bar but thenagain it could be packed on a friday night with the after work crowd.

    Acland Toast,
    I’m sure they aren’t doing anything untoward with the phone numbers and I was surprised they had mine which was probably from a cancelled booking years ago. Th estream is impressive. i’d like to see more restaurants do it on Instagram.

  4. Interesting to hear your take! I had a decidedly different impression when I was there about a month ago.

    a) On having to give name, phone number. Ewww. Does not sit well with me. I mean, why – are they going to ring me (they didn’t’). I asked the girl at the desk before handing over the details why it was necessary, and she said “Well, if you forget a coat or something at the bar we can contact you”. Righto! They might want to think about the messaging on that if they are going to persist with it. To my mind, and many, PRIVACY, please.

    b) On the aesthetic. I was surprised to be so unimpressed. No cohesion of furniture to space and it felt utterly unfinished/confused (perhaps it was unfinished? I acknowledge it was the very early days). It was not a place where on that basis I would ever want to hang and cocktail quite frankly.

    The women’s bathroom on the other hand, HELLO. Divine. Maybe if I return to Lui I’ll just hang there in the loo-hoo. No picts in the gallery, but very much reminded me of the loos at which are about the most amazing toilets I’ve ever experienced.

    I am also uber impressed with them streaming a feed of the kitchen at work onto the screen in the Rialto foyer behind the Lui/Vue checkin desk. Bear in mind this replaces the (horror of horrors) FOX NEWS which elsewise is streamed when the kitchen is not on. For this, I am eternally grateful to Shannon.

    I do hope he makes it profitable there though – dining up there in corporate land won’t appeal to everyone, but want to see him succeed.

    Have you been to the Vue at Melb International? That’s not doing the Vue chain any favours in reputation. I was there about a month ago and had to get my own cutlery. Whoops.

  5. Great review! We had a lovely meal at the “old” Vue back in April and I’m keen to try the new premises. You seem to suggest that there’s no need for reservations for the bar – is this assumption correct?

  6. The place looks avant – garde. This is a new place, right? It’s pretty promising plus the idea of a roof top bar will never go out of style. So is it always like that when you go there? Have that FBI-esque feel before you could actually enter the bar?

    Oh I hope you could’ve provided more pictures and info! Can you do that – pretty please? *bats eyelashes*