Diary of a food festival: Day one


1540: Flight DJ849 arrives into Sydney
Meet your Astra Limousines driver for your transfer to the InterContinental Sydney.

Delays! The storms in Melbourne means that I don’t arrive until after 5pm for a drinks party at 6pm.

1800: Meet Destination NSW in the lobby of the hotel for transfer to the Hilton Hotel for the Crave Sydney International Food Festival Official Launch Party

I meet David Lebovitz in reception together with Helen from Grab your fork and Chocolate Suze and we jump is a mini bus to The Hilton. I give Tom the editor of Saveur my newly printed Letterpress business card which leads to an American Pyscho moment, one of many that this card provokes.

We try and get in but are at the wrong entrance natch.

In finally where I favour a glass of prosecco over the strange red cocktail. My favourite pastry chef Phillipa Sibley shows me her cookbook, which she only started in March. It’s a roll call of top chefs – Mark Best, Andrew McConnell (who I recruit to a pop-up Fringe Food Festival event) Frank Camorra (who I also target), Mark Best, Neil Perry. The lot.

After a handful of canapes and a bucket full or prosecco nobody seems have plans to eat. i retire to Porteno where the kitchen is about to close but I eat sensational beef ribs and salad. i love the place and the friendly service.

Back to the Intercontinental where I have a harbour view. I wake up at 1.45am lights on and a glass of De Bortoli in my hand. whoops!

Written with fat fingers on an iPad!


  1. Ed,
    Didn’t see you during the weekend, were you in session 3 on Saturday?