The big opportunity for video shorts

With Youtube the second biggest search engine in Australia, it is also a huge opportunity outside of Google search to use it to get your brand noticed.

Like pictures, short videos are easy to watch and absorb. The only problem is we are all in a mindset born out of corporate videos of years gone by. And like me, you probably just yawn just thinking about corporate videos.

Unless extremely entertaining or compelling, few people are going to watch a ten minute video, let alone two or three minutes. In reality you’ll be lucky to keep anyone’s attention for more than 30 seconds.

And you’ll find a sea of 30-60 videos out there all waiting to clock-up a few hundred views and achieve anything.

The shorter the video the better and the more chance that more people will watch your epic production.

That’s why for Bomba!, which wanted to talk about its trip to Spain, their new imported vermut (vermouth) and food ideas we chose to create two really short 6 second videos for, and a 15 second cut for Instagram.

We used a local graphic designer and Vine star Matt Willis, who has been called World’s greatest Vine user and profiled by Buzzfeed.

And we had a terrific response in a world where there is a wide gap between videos going viral and the number of views one will realistically get.

The thing about any content online is that you need to see how you can make the most of it. It’s not just a case of posting it and leaving a video on Vine, which is why we posted Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and sent it out in emails.

And we didn’t just post it once. On sites that stream information you need to post at different times of day and the week multiple times to catch as many people as possible as part of a properly thought out content plan.

One thing I find is clients debate is posting to Vimeo versus Youtube. Vimeo has an elegant user interface; Youtube is ugly.

But Youtube has the numbers, which is why if you know how to correctly name, tag and optimise a video and your video channel for search, Youtube is the best choice.

How you structure your video posting depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Video is expensive. A Vine can take 9-12 hours to produce and cost about $2,000 which is almost the same as the cost of a 2 minute video. With video being an expensive luxury for many brands, you want to ensure you make best use of it.

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