Where to stay, eat and drink in rome

Where to eat and drink in Rome?

I’m off to Rome for a short time in May/June and have pulled together various reviews of the best places to eat and drink.

If there is somewhere you really think I should visit, I welcome to suggested. Just add to comments or buzz me on social media.

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  1. We went here 4 years ago, it was 100 Euro and very good, would return http://www.ristorantealloro.it/en prices are up a bit, but not too bad. 1 Michelin star. For Rome, this was cheap michelin star dining, I doubt much has changed.
    We liked this place too https://www.sofiaristoranteroma.it/ a bit more casual. Nice to sit outside and have a glass of Pinot Bianco.
    Aside from that we went to the Barberini area a bit and there are plenty of decent pizza/pasta places at reasonable prices