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27 social media tips for restaurants

Broadcast across multiple social media platforms thanks to Instagram. Today I’m on a panel at Food Service Austalia with Matteo Pignatelli and Robelen Baja talking about social media and marketing for restaurants and caterers. My specific topic is how to deal with negative comments but also how to use social media. I know this is a little off topic from restaurant reviews and recipes but I thought my thoughts jotted down over a couple of coffees (Sumatran Wahana Estate Magic […]

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The whole beast

While the default Christmas dinner option for many people is a golden-brown roast turkey, it is perhaps a strange dish to have imprinted on the national psyche. Now, cooks are escaping the mid-summer kitchen heat and taking to the outdoors, ramping up the traditional barbecue by roasting whole lambs, pigs and goats, which are the ideal size for the backyard. They provide a real “wow” factor, being roasted on the spit and presented whole on the table. Twitter food adventurer […]


Fat ugly men (and women) wanted for sexy ads

Unattractive, middle-aged and balding. That is the kind of hunk that should be appearing in ads, according to a report in the Australian today.The Advertising Standards Authority in Britain has found itself advising the owners of a cheap, popular sparking white wine Lambrini what images should be in its ads. For the uninitiated, this is what the punters think of the drink: “Lambrini is a white wine and has a volume of 7.5%. Being the lightweight that I am, a […]