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Lookalikes: Bourdain and Sontag

Thanks to Anthony from man that cooks for pointing out that the well known celebrity chef and writer Anthony Bourdain (left) bears a striking resemblance to the late intellectual and writer Susan Sontag (right).PS: Promise not to post too much on Bourdain in near future although we reserve the right for one final round up on our interview with him.


Forget Heston Blumenthal, this is extreme cooking

Once again the most interesting food ideas come to us not from the likes of Molecular chefs such as Heston Blumental but from our friends at B3Ta. As we reported last week, the ezine brought us a full english breakfast cooked with a steam iron. This week it’s footage of cooking a full pasta meal in a kettle.


PART SEVEN: Anthony Bourdain – a year in nam

Photo: Christina Simons Anthony Bourdain is going to retire to Vietnam for a year. He’ll turn 50 there and perhaps write another book. That’s despite the fact that he says he has brought shame on his professional by turning to words. He must be joking. He also writes crime novels and loves reading them. He receives disturbing letters from convicts and chefs. All of his books are optioned by Hollywood. And there is talk of Brad Pitt playing Bourdain. But […]


Part six: Anthony Bourdain puts the boot in

Photography: Christina Simons Anthony Bourdain has eaten some pretty nasty things on his travels. But it’s not always the gross-out factor of the food that is the problem. “I had a meal in Sydney so fucking awful at a place called Chinadoll. Very trendy, faked out Asian fusion – Just horrible, over decorated, over priced, fake Asian food. It was offensive. And even the name China doll is so fake.” It’s not that Asian fusion cooking is a problem. “Some […]


Part 5: Casual eating is this big – Bourdain

Photography: Christina Simons Anthony Bourdain on trends in casual eating: “Joel Robushon is doing a more casual stuff in Paris. It’s a chef led thing and I think it’s good for the world to take a little bit of stuffiness out of dining.”He says the ingredients and technique are still impeccable but the eating is fun. “Small plates are definitely a trend. England and America [and presumably Australia] will never have a Tapas culture like the Spanish because in order […]


Part 4: No hippy shit: Anthony Bourdain and Tequila

Photography: Christina Simons We’re each drink a Corona on the banks of the Yarra in Melbourne at Fenix. He drags on a fag and something catches his eye. What would Anthony Bourdain really like to be drinking? “If god made beer, he’d be brewing Guinness. In Dublin. Maybe he does actually,”

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Part 3: Bored of Bourdain? More on eating in Melbourne

Photography: Christina Simons Anthony Bourdain is having trouble finding enough white anchovies for the evening meal, but his mind is on his evening out with chefs. “I do my job, I’m having a really good time and when I finish dinner tonight I’ll probably go hanging round with a bunch of chefs and cooks and restaurant people and get really drunk. If chefs haven’t taken me there I haven’t been there. I put myself in the hands of the local […]


Part 1: A beer (and a fag) with Anthony Bourdain

Photography: Christina Simons Anthony Bourdain sneeks out of Fenix in Richmond, Melbourne, and down the stairs for a crafty fag overlooking the Yarra river. I approach with my photographer from the inside interupting his well-earned break. We are the fifth interview today not to forget the he was the chef directing lunch as well as talking to a packed crowd of fans afterwards. He has one more interview before an appointment with the guys Cicciolina’s on Acland St at five […]