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Uber Eats takeaway food deliveries

On the web the winner takes all and I believe that in the takeaway food delivery business there will be one service that survives, Uber Eats. It launched today at 11am today in a limited area of Melbourne inner city suburbs. But who knows, as both Deliveroo or Foodora are worthy challengers. But Australian market is too small to support three upmarket food takeaway businesses. The fact is the biggest wins. Look at Facebook versus Twitter. AirBNB versus the other […]

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Why nobody is ordering your takeaways

Takeaway food is big business. Last year the two leading Australian food delivery services Menulog and Eat Now merged. Then they were snapped-up for a mere $855 million by the UK’s Just Eat. In contrast the leading restaurant booking engine Dimmi sold for about $25 million. That’s how big takeaways are versus eating at home where a whole new raft of companies are emerging. Technology is disrupting fast food deliveries. Right now I want to answer the question I’m asked […]

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How Big Huey beat the trolls

I was tempted to call this post “Meet the troll wrangler”. I’m not talking about Iain Hewitson or myself but an astute watcher of social media. More about this Caped Crusader of the digital world later. Online restaurant reviews are a serious business. Bad ones cause restaurant owners anxiety and they can spend a lot of time – and money – dealing with them properly. Nobody wants a bad review to go viral by handling it badly. And some owners […]

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ACCC to tackle online reviews?

One of the biggest gripes among and hospitality or tourism-based business is the anonymous online review. We’ve helped many people over the years with trolls who have defamed venues and individuals just because they were refused entry or kicked out for being drunk – or just because they are competitors. It’s a real pain and emotionally draining for owner operators who care about their businesses. Now Restaurant & Catering Australia is in discussions with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission […]

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Doing Better Business 10 October 2011

If you want to find out how social media can help your hospitality business win fans and customers, I’ll speaking at one of the restaurant and catering Doing Better Business Seminars on 10 October at Nobu. I’ll be talking about what modern day consumers expect from a restaurant and their website. In contrast to being a threat social media now provides free market research to businesses helping them give customers what they want. The implication for businesses is that you […]

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Centre yourselves on your customers

There’s a great quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt in this blog post: “Microsoft organised itself around the structure of the industry; Apple organised itself around the customer. You have to organise around the customer.” I caught up with Chris Lucas who I helped out on the digital and social media side for the launch of Chin Chin. He is excited about what social media offers to focus what he does on the customer. Each day he feeds reviews from […]