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The Everleigh: ice cool on Gertrude St

For a very hot country, it is remarkable how little care we give our ice. Sure, you can buy large bags of ice pretty much anywhere, but it’s the kind of ice to stick in a bath or an Esky and chill beer and sauvignon blanc; not the kind of stuff to put in a cocktail. A while back the shiny Japanese ice machines at Match Bar were a revelation. And now The Everleigh, which sits atop the old Dante’s […]

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Drama at Der Raum

It’s about theatre. And Der Raum does it well. Gin – there’s a selection of all the good stuff – is chilled with liquid nitrogen. It boils in a glass jug with clouds spilling down its sides and along the bar counter. When the ice clears from the surface, it is safe to sip. And it is a good martini. A very clean martini. It’s not one that will bitch slap you in the face – although I like those. […]

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Sex in the City and the Wine Room

It was a close escape. About 300 women and two men packed into the foyer of the George last Sunday afternoon. I was saved from seeing Sex in the City and instead spent a few hours in the Melbourne Wine Room. Apparently, the change in clientelle there started the previous Thursday. First one Cosmopolitan, then many many more were ordered. The crowd was different to usual, well-groomed women mainly toasting each other with sauvignon blanc or Champagne pior to the […]

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Febfast spoils cocktail challenge (for now)

Mint julep 1806 Bugger! Just as I decide to drink the menu at 1806 in the city I decide to join the Febfast challenge as part of my frugal February. The idea is that give give up booze for a whole month and people – you perhaps – sponsor me  with the money going to a good cause which will also probably help save somebody else’s liver or sanity*. “Participants are sponsored by friends and family, with funds distributed to […]

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1806 and the pole dancer

The bittered sling. The really bad news is that the posse is falling apart. My favourite pole dancer is leaving town. I can only console myself with her leaving celebrations on Sunday, possibly followed by a return to 1806, a classy new arrival on the bar scene despite its Dracula theatre restaurant and backpacker bar roots. I’ve been challenged to drink the menu at 1806 by the posse. Draped in red velvet and with what I presume are crystal chandeliers […]