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The Point: old vs new

Old: Poached egg, white polenta and black truffle It’s a nice idea. Pit the old school talent of your executive chef versus the new technique-led talent of a young chef. Tonight it was at The Point pitting the old school butter soaked technique of executive chef Scott Pickett versus Ryan Flaherty who has worked at Arzak, El Bulli, The Fat Duck and a few other avante garde style restaurants. New: 63c egg, blackened corn and jamon Winner: Old: Poached egg, […]

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What’s The Point?

Slow-cooked black lip abalone, a Coffin Bay oyster in a Peking Duck consommé The staff, a 25-strong brigade of chefs alone in the summer, at The Point may well ask ‘what the point is’. Snubbed by the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide and starved of a chef’s hat for two years in the Good Food Guide, it is a demonstration of what a small food town Melbourne is. It also demonstrates what a problem the media oligopoly is in Australia when […]

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Pay the price at the Flower Drum (or eat cheaper down the road)

Nice Sydney friends who speak Mandarin and have fairly decent cleavage. I’ve always like dictatorships. Communism and fascism both share an idealism that when I was younger could have switched me either way. Of course, now grown-up physically at least I abhor the human rights abuses in China although I wouldn’t be able to ejaculate over my shoulder if it wasn’t for bear bile on tap. I think we can agree that we don’t like dictatorships, or at least lack […]

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Saki tasting at Misuzi’s

Saki tasting at Misuzu’s Okay I know what some of yu are going to say – he’s got balls to go saki tasting. Wrong. I have octopus balls – on my plate to be precise and they are very nice thank you (if not a bit chewy in the middle). Misuzu’s (3-7 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park +61 3 9699 9022) is packed and we are lucky to find a seat at the bar which has possibly one of the largest […]

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The $55 dégustation

The menu is ever changing but what is consistent are the fresh ingredients and the levels of service. The texture of the folds of pearl meat with shitake mushroom and spring onions served at Asiana (181 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, 3206 +61 3 9696 6688) is a reason to take a detour, although is not on every day. I visited twice in two weeks, once on a Tuesday lunchtime and once on a Monday evening. Each time the place had […]