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George Orwell’s Moon Under Water versus the real thing

Moon Under Water, George Orwell, Evening Standard, February 1946 George Orwell: My favourite public-house, the Moon Under Water, is only two minutes from a bus stop, but it is on a side-street, and drunks and rowdies never seem to find their way there, even on Saturday nights. Moon Under Water, Andrew McConnell, Gertrude St, July 2012 Tomatom: First, the public house is called the Builders Arms and it is also close to the tram stop on Gertrude St. The entrance […]

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Oysters and sake tickets on sale

What? Oysters and Sake Where? Studio of artist Adriane Strampp. Studi 18a 236/248 Brunswick St, Fitzroy When? 5pm – 7.30pm Sunday 13th November 2011 Bookings $54 a head. Book through Trybooking. Now! Tickets are now on sale for our Oysters a sake event being held in the hidden-away top floor Brunswick St studio of artist Adriane Strampp in collaboration with Andre Bishop from Kumo Izakaya in East Brunswick. There will be two dozen oysters per head and have a selection of […]

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The Brix: A taste of Paris in Fitzroy

Even though, the windows were covered and it hadn’t opened, I immediately liked the look of The Brix from the Moooi Pig Table to the Gerard O’Connor photo ( somewhere between an Earl Carter and a Marian Drew) and the chefs who possess enough tattoos to put a Russian prison to shame. The idea behind The Brix is a modern day French bistro, modelled on Le Chateaubriand in Paris, which in four years has gone to being one of the […]

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The Everleigh: ice cool on Gertrude St

For a very hot country, it is remarkable how little care we give our ice. Sure, you can buy large bags of ice pretty much anywhere, but it’s the kind of ice to stick in a bath or an Esky and chill beer and sauvignon blanc; not the kind of stuff to put in a cocktail. A while back the shiny Japanese ice machines at Match Bar were a revelation. And now The Everleigh, which sits atop the old Dante’s […]

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My favourite deli by any other name

Try anything. It’s all good at the “deli” If it is a recommendation, according to Foursquare, I’ve checked in to Brunswick Street Alimentari 62 times in its recent memory. Located on the corner of Brunswick and Greeves Streets in Fitzroy and labelled simply the Deli or delicatessen, it first became my local simply because A’s studio is opposite. It’s got a real buzz to it with it’s mixed clientele of local celebrities (Eddie Perfect for one), personalities, artists, hipsters and […]

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Raymond Capaldi’s Scandinavian flower pots take Matteos

Smoked quail eggs Tonight was the last of Ray Capaldi’s European vacation series of $60 dinners at Matteo’s – 533 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North 3068 (03) 9481 1177. What a night, a salute to Scandinavia and Copenhagen’s Rene Redzepi who now runs the third best restaurant in the world. What is special about the food from Redzepi’s restaurant Noma is that it all comes from Scandinavia. That means no olive oil, no foie gras and no French cheese. Apparently prior […]

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Andrew McConnell’s Cutler and Co takes Gertrude St to another level

The dessert that made me a plate licker. I’m not the only one worrying about the recession. But I’m probably the only one in Cutler & Co thinking about it. The reincarnation of chef Andrew McConnell’s Three, One, Two at the top end of Gertrude St is packed. So packed, McConnell later tells me that it took them by surprise which explains a couple of timing issues that a few of you will have seen on Twitter. But the whole […]

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St Jude’s Cellars: a welcome addition to Brunswick Street

There are three types of people.There are those who buy expensive d’object like gold-plated Philippe Starck AK47 lampstands and will spend well into five or six figures on interior design. There are the kind of people who read Ready Made who buy a plastic $30 toy AK47 on ebay, spray it gold and make it into a lamp stand (although unfortunately it illuminates itself to be anything but the original when switched on). The there are the people who go: […]

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Soup Souk and the decadent diners

These are interesting times with the clash between Islam and the West. And so the decadent west clashed with the east one Friday night in Australia. This wasn’t a night of violence. Richard Berry and Kylie’s jaws hit the table though. The first interesting thing you should know – and they should have been warned – about the Moroccan soap soup kitchen Soup Bar (183 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North 3 9482 4240) is that it sticks to its values. […]