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Melbourne’s top 200+ blogs April 2014

It’s been a long time since anybody has updated any listing of blogs in Melbourne publicly and I’ve collaborated with Thang Ngo at Noodlies in Sydney to create a list based on Alexa ranking. Thang has incorporated the Melbourne listings with his Sydney listing to create a ranking of 595 Australian blogs. Inevitably as this is the first time for Melbourne we have accidentally left out a few people and perhaps included a few shouldn’t be here. If you think […]

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Takeaways from Eat Drink Blog 3

The SA Tourism Minister Gail Gago talks to food bloggers. Who’d have thought it? The South Australian Minister for Tourism Hon Gail Gago speaking to 90 or so food bloggers at Eat Drink Blog 3 conference. Mind you I was also surprised by Meat and Livestock’s sponsorship and more particularly their invitation to anyone who wanted to to visit a beef feedlot – I certainly plan to take up that offer. And let’s not mention the food writer who referred […]

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27 social media tips for restaurants

Broadcast across multiple social media platforms thanks to Instagram. Today I’m on a panel at Food Service Austalia with Matteo Pignatelli and Robelen Baja talking about social media and marketing for restaurants and caterers. My specific topic is how to deal with negative comments but also how to use social media. I know this is a little off topic from restaurant reviews and recipes but I thought my thoughts jotted down over a couple of coffees (Sumatran Wahana Estate Magic […]

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In for a gram…in for a pound

I think Gram magazine is quite nice looking. But as a concept it is utter crap. It’s a lazy way to use other people’s content to make money out of advertising. In short it summarises blog posts and then links back to the blog but without asking permission to use content. It did send out emails which detailed that bloggers had to opt out if they didn’t want their content used (which I did through several email exchanges). It is […]

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This is why I blog with knobs off

This is why I blog. To tell people stuff that they won’t find in the newspapers or glossy magazines, like the time I told you that expensive Miele cooktops are crap simply because they are badly designed. Now thanks to a house sitting stint, I can reveal that Smeg cooktops are just as bad. The problem is that the knobs sit higher than the trivets. And that means in the panic of pans rattling across the cooktop, the knobs snap. […]

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Enter the food blogger photo exhibition, sponsored by SBS Food

Cocktails at Der Raum I haven’t been posting because I’ve been busy trying to pull together a few sponsors for the Food Bloggers’ Conference and finally have pulled the last big one in. And it is great news. SBS Food has come onboard to sponsor/partner a one week photo exhibition of food and drink bloggers’ photos to kick off on Sunday March 21. SBS joins our other sponsors The Essential Ingredient, which is providing the daytime venue and coffee roaster, […]

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What makes an award winning food blog?

A While back Stewart White from the The Food Media Club, which is renaming itself Australian Association of Food Professionals, called me to talk about launching an award for food blogs as an addition to the Food Media Club Awards. And finally he’s made it happen with the sponsorship of Australian Pork, and I attended the last a few weeks back to a packed house of mostly Sydney bloggers. Initially, I was skeptical. For as long as anyone can remember […]

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Menu for hope Asia Pacific winners 2010

Exciting! The results of our sixth annual Menu for Hope – with the help of two hundred bloggers, two hundred and four items on our raffle list, and in the span of just over two weeks, we raised US$78,898 (that’s about AUD85,154) in support of the UN World Food Program. That’s in a year when most of the rest of the world (asides from Australia) is in recession. Not bad at all. And none of these would be possible without […]

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Menu for Hope VI Asia Pacific prize list

UPDATE: Select your prizes below and enter using the easy donation widget here. Phew! Finally here is the first iteration of the local prizes forMenu for Hope VI. Pictures and updates coming soon. Here’s the instructions for the bloggers. 1. Write a post about Menu for Hope and the raffle bid item they are offering. Please clearly state the bid item code if there’s any restrictions in shipping etc. 2. Link to the main Menu for Hope post. There will […]