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Menu for Hope V deadline extended to year end

Merry Christmas or, perhaps, Festivus. The good news this Christmas day is that Pim has extended the deadline for buying tickets from First Giving for Menu of Hope V until 30 December her time. That’s new year’s eve if you are in Asia Pacific. So far on Christmas morning $36,025 has been raised. There are plenty of great prizes locally and internationally (though you should check whether or not they can be posted to your region) and great odds for […]

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Menu for Hope: the Asia Pacific prize round-up !UPDATED!

List updated 20.12.08 10.30am Menu for Hope has launched. By joining in you can help in a small way to help end hunger in the third world and win prizes at the same time. After raising nearly $100,000 last year food blogger Pim Tchamuanvivit has again chosen to support the UN World Food Programme school lunch program in Lesotho. How can you help? All you need to do is buy a US$10 raffle ticket for prizes at First Giving or […]

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Get ready for Menu of Hope. Your help needed to end world hunger

The fifth annual Menu for Hope food bloggers charity fund raising begins again on Monday 15 December. I’m the host for Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. If you haven’t heard of the event it started five years ago when food blogger Pim Tchamuanvivit was inspired to raise funds to help after the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia. Menu for Hope was born. The campaign has since become annual and in 2007 raised nearly $100K to help the UN World […]

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Why I don’t review restaurants for social sites

To date I’ve been quite polite to all the people who have approached me to run competitions for bloggers to write review of restaurant review sites. I haven’t run any because I don’t believe bloggers are the people who will mainly review on these sites. The thing about this blog is that it is my copyright content and if I’m going to spend time writing for the web I want more of reward than the slight possibility of winning a […]

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Survey results and a winner

F inally we have a winner for the food blog survey sponsored by Kitchenware Direct, picked from the 165 entries. In social media tradition I asked on twitter for a random number. I got three, added them up and divided coming up with Andrew Dean from Windsor who was chuffed to have won the Shun knife set from Kitchenware Direct. I’m going to give a full analysis of the results but here are some quick items I’ve pulled out. The […]

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Enter the food blog/website survey and win three Shun Damascus steel knives

There’s been a lot of agro, some uninformed, on the blogger versus “qualified” journalist debate this year. It’s now time to put some facts behind some of the arguments to see just who read and thinks of what and how often they do it through a survey of food and drink blog and website readers. Enter my survey here of Australian and New Zealand readers between now and the end of August. Please pass it on to your friends as […]

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Bloggers meet without meat

Just a reminder for this Saturday. We can’t book a table during the day so we’ll have to take pot luck on a table. Where: Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford Convent. Later: Handsome Steve’s House of Refreshment When: Saturday 26th July from 12.30pm Who: Looks like a dozen or so of us. All comers welcome bloggers and/or readers. Why: Why not? Bring: Just yourself. Perhaps a camera. See you there. Text me on 0425 736 993 if you are not sure […]

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Blog third birthday celebrations, prizes and my favourite pole dancer

Officially it’s this blog’s third birthday on Friday 11th, the start of a week of celebrations with a top prize for readers. I’m going to map the current food and drink blogscape and conduct and Aussie version of Leena’s survey of blog readers. Tonight to celebrate I eat and drink at the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld on my way to catch up with my favourite pole dancer in the Coonawarra. My first post on 11 July 2005 intended to […]

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Contribute to the open source restaurant

Jeff Jarvis (via NYT) is twittering and blogging about an open source restaurant: “I twittered that I was having fun writing the chapter in my book about what a restaurant run on Googlethink might look like (besides being decorated in gaudy primary colors)… …I have lots of ideas about an open and transparent restaurant operation, experience, and community. If you have any ideas youโ€™d like to share, please join in.” I reckon we’ve had open source and transparent wine lists […]