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Sauce fit for a Bourbon; steak fit for Uncle Monty

Merde! I forgot some links and I’ve opened as can of worms here. Huguenots, Bourbons…religious wars and bad French. Several regional dishes were planned but a late night meant an unexpected demand from J (avec a hangover) for steak au frites avec sauce béarnaise. Actually, she wanted a steak haché or probably a royale with cheese, but I’m a fascist and I’m cooking for IMBB23 over at Cucina Testa Rossa. Although the origins may be obscure they are attributed to […]

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Pete Wells, the event kicks off 13 March

Yes, to (dis)honour Food&Wine magazine’s columnist Pete Wells, who has got under the skin of more than a few cheese sandwich munchers I figured this is a great way to get under his skin. Post and EaT Everything WeekEnd Lame LeftoverS (PETE WELLS, geddit!) will be hosted here the second weekend of every month and I shall post a roundup Monday evening. This is all about the mundane and nearly rotten stuff leftover in the kitchen that you could throw […]

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This simple life: tomatoes, figs, proscuitto and herbs

Busy writing for money rather than blog kudos and dealing with the new monkey. But still wonderful food isn’t far away, inspired by Kalyn’s Weekend Herb Blogging. Over ripe tomatoes are baked in the oven drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with Murray River salt crystals and fresh cracked pepper. Served on toasted sourdough with nothing else but freshly torn leaves of basil and oregano. The simple ripe toms combined with fresh flavours and the crunch of toast can’t be beaten. […]

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Top 20 food bloggers in Australia

Last week New York Magazine looked at the Haves and Have Nots in blogging. I wanted to know whether or not whether I had a chance on the world stage to become a B list or even A list blogger. To be on the A list – the top 100 – you’ll need almost 2,300 links to your site. The famous Chocolate & Zucchini has 1,295 links at the timeof writing. The lessons to be learned in jumping up the […]

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Melbourne food bloggers offline

If my email bounced, I couldn’t find your email or haven’t discovered you, there is another Melbourne Food Bloggers meet. All welcome. Date: 25 Feb Time: 10.30 Venue: Mart 130, 107a Canterbury Rd, Middle Park, 3206 (03) 9690 8831 If you haven’t joined the 9cays conversation, email me and let me know if you are in. Alternatively, come anonymously and blog it. That would be cool. We’ll see if we can spot you.

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More local food blogs for Gourmet Travellers

Click on the pic to read the full story. Updated figures again. Since I wrote this story the food blogging world has grown again. You can find my definitive list of local bloggers here. Since I filed my copy in November, at least a dozen new local bloggers have emerged. I have tracked 54 locally, 24 from Melbourne. According to Technorati there are now 26.5 million blogs; back in November there were 22 million. If you are one of Tomato’s […]

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Warchalking in the oyster bed

It’s low tide and I’m sitting on the end of the jetty. The life of a war chalker. I have a faint signal from somebody over the river that comes and goes with the tide. Right now oysters are exposed but my signal is fading. For most of this break my blogging is intermittent as is the reception of the signal. Right now I’m in an internet café. Ah, aircon.

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My food blogging predictions for 2006

Could 2006 be the year that the local foodblog community seriously starts to challenge traditional media? Predictions are a dangerous thing. But I’m prepared to put my neck on the line about the growth of food blogging’s in popularity in Australia. There are currently 49 local food blogs, about 80 per cent of them regularly updated. I reckon by this time next year there will be at least 250 – possibly more – if the current growth rate is continued. […]

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Definitive list of Australian food bloggers

Okay 10pm Tuesday 31st feb one more: Food for thought. I’ve updated the figures. Here is my February update, all from melbourne so far. the apprentice patissier, eat.drink.write., We do chew our food. That means I’ve identified 53 local bloggers, 24 coming from Melbourne. Any omissions let me know in comments. Okay, Melbourne is now officially the capital of Australian food blogs with another three finds: Confessions of a Food Nazi , Just Heavenly and No Eggs or Nuts. I’ve […]