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Shades of brown at The Spaghetti Tree

Fresh fish doesn’t smell. The seafood crepe ($17) at The Spaghetti Tree smelt acrid, of ammonia. I didn’t even want to taste it and one mouthful was enough to put me off the food for the evening. It was awful in smell, taste, texture and presentation and left barely touched by the three of us. An awkward yeast infection was mentioned and before even the garlic bread ($6.50) could arrive, halfway through our mains, the seafood crepe was renamed the […]

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My favourite deli by any other name

Try anything. It’s all good at the “deli” If it is a recommendation, according to Foursquare, I’ve checked in to Brunswick Street Alimentari 62 times in its recent memory. Located on the corner of Brunswick and Greeves Streets in Fitzroy and labelled simply the Deli or delicatessen, it first became my local simply because A’s studio is opposite. It’s got a real buzz to it with it’s mixed clientele of local celebrities (Eddie Perfect for one), personalities, artists, hipsters and […]

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I forgot I was meant to die. But at least I unwittingly ate my last meal at The Grand Hotel

Vincisgrassi makes every other lasagne seems brutal. The Grand Hotel, 333 Burnley Street, Richmond +61 3 9429 2530 Hopeless. There I was talking about how this Vincisgrassi could be my last meal in September but I got the date wrong. I should have died at the same age as my father on the 5th August 2009, at least I always assumed I would follow in his footsteps. It is a huge disappointment to still be alive. I’ve failed in every […]

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Journal Canteen: eating and drinking out of our discontent

It’s a little know fact that Journal Canteen – or Rosa’s Kitchen as the hidden neon sign on the first floor of the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) Building on Flinders Lane says – is now open on Friday nights. Up until I discovered that, I had only ever eaten lunch – for which bookings aren’t taken – there. For you to discover it, enter the Centre for Adult Education (1st floor, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne +61 3 9650 4399), […]

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Blog amnesty fortnight: South Yarra’s Bond St Cafe and its great value Italian food

Now I know how ignorant I was thanks to the apertivo that Mauro Marcucci sent us out at Bond Street Cafe and Wine Bar. Served in a champagne flute Aperol, prosecco, a slice of orange and a skewered olive, it was the delicacy and balance of the drink that impressed me. I know better how to treat this sibling of the bitter and medicinal Campari. Delicately. Many of you will already know Mauro from his days, many years ago at […]

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Down in one

Tumblers of red wine at The Italian Waiters’ Club  You couldn’t spot the Italian Waiters’ Club ( 20 Meyers Place, Melbourne +61 3 9650 1508). Luckily Meyers Place is quite small and the club is the only doorway opening onto narrow stairs. Climb the stairs and seat yourself at a wood effect formica tabletop and order some of the basic food. The main attraction here is the price and the lively crowd. I don’t know whether we looked a thirsty […]