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Confession time…again. Your chance to vote.

Shock horror I’m English and, yes, I rely on at least two of what have been revealed to be the UK’s four staples, despite having lived in Australia for 11 years now. Spaghetti Bolognese Guilty as charged. This is a winter staple for me. Perhaps every two months I will cook a great vat of the stuff, eat some for supper – and maybe lunch later in the week – and freeze the rest. I’d like the judges to take […]


We need your menu inspiration for modern artist

Julie Poulson is looking for inspiration Inflation is the bain of artist Julie Poulson’s life; pie and coke now costs $4.80. Nevertheless she is beavering away creating works for her exhibition in Cairns opening on 9 March. Her current work is ” Mango cheeks $14 a box” is taken from roughly painted roadside signs, printed, painted and assembled through stitching. Her work Hot Dog Fries is hung in the modern Italian restaurant Vivos in Palm Cove in far north Queensland. […]

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Great wine advice for restaurants

Veteran food writer Rita Erlich talks good sense in The Age over absurdly long wine lists. Giant wine tomes are best avoided: “Even a speed-read list would help – say, a dozen whites and reds, chosen because they’re appropriate drinking and fairly priced. The longer the list, the higher the individual bottle prices, since stocking the cellar with thousands of bottles is expensive. Neither do I have much time for the wine list full of big company wines, available at […]

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What lurks inside

I have one update at the end here from Betel at Rustic Food, Ay Coregi, a crescent roll from Turkey. By now we all know the reasons for staging this monthly event. I need say no more. A crew of ten cheese sandwich munchers (plus myself) show what cooking at home is really about and how imaginative it can be. It’s about trying to find a use for the limp celery lying in some undetermined liquid in the bottom of […]

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Paella left overs join Octopus

I had high expectations of myself when I launched this Pete Wells leftovers thing. I imagined I’d go to the fridge and conjure up some amazing dish without buying a single thing. My kitchen comprises lots of little leftovers and sometimes they do require a trip to the shops to put them to good use. Some Cos for the trusty Caesar salad (I flatly refuse to include bacon or chicken), a carrot or two to make chicken stock. Branston Pickle […]

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Sauce fit for a Bourbon; steak fit for Uncle Monty

Merde! I forgot some links and I’ve opened as can of worms here. Huguenots, Bourbons…religious wars and bad French. Several regional dishes were planned but a late night meant an unexpected demand from J (avec a hangover) for steak au frites avec sauce béarnaise. Actually, she wanted a steak haché or probably a royale with cheese, but I’m a fascist and I’m cooking for IMBB23 over at Cucina Testa Rossa. Although the origins may be obscure they are attributed to […]


What Chinese restaurant menus say

Thanks to The Reader for putting us onto a site translating Chinese menus. This quote explains it best: “I have never quite been able to sit down to a meal in a Chinese restaurant without wondering. Wondering if the Chinese characters on the menu said the same thing as the alleged English translations.” “The goal is to enable you to look at a restaurant sign and say, “oh, this place specializes in seafood,” or to look at a mystery-meat dish […]