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Thai master David Thompson in conversation

One of the most exciting chefs to be in town for the Sydney International Food Festival was the witty and erudite David Thompson. If you aren’t familiar with Thompson, the caffeine-fuelled chef is the father of Thai food in Australia and one of the main reasons that Sydneysiders have a taste for good spicy Thai food rather than creamy bland green curries. He is consultant to the one Michelin star Namh in london and is about to move to Thailand […]

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40 exclusive minutes with Heston Blumenthal

With thanks to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. It’s 3.50 on a Friday afternoon. I’ve just finished a great meal cooked by Scott Pickett at The Point in Albert Park and his mentor the brilliant Phil Howard from Two Michelin star The Square in London as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. I can’t get a taxi to take me to The Langham where I’m interviewing possibly the most important chef in the world Heston Blumenthal who […]

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Q&A: Should I modify my tipping in the global financial crisis?

Q What is the appropriate amount to tip? I realise that tipping has never been much of a norm in Australia, but for some reason I still feel obliged to tip at high-end restaurants, and I’m very conscious of the etiquette. I simply don’t know what the proper amount is, if any. In times of global financial crisis, the problem becomes more difficult, as I feel more constrained. I suppose my question is, what is the tipping etiquette in general, […]


Q&A: Reader has El Bulli reservation but needs help getting there

I’m writing to you with what I feel is fantastic news, but with a bit of a twist. I’d love some advice, or better still your help. Together with my wife and good friend, I was lucky enough to see Ferran Adria speak late last year at the Arts Centre. We were inspired by his passion for food and, as I’m sure countless audience members did that evening, the three of us applied for a reservation at El Bulli for […]

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Q&A: Will Tempura Hajime be fabulous for the price?

Q I booked Tempura Hajime for dinner in April. My husband and I enjoy Japanese. However, we went to Yu-u a few weeks ago and were completely and utterly underwhelmed. I think I read somewhere on your site about it having the same owners or something ? Nice dining setting but very uninspiring food. I know John Leathlean liked Tempura Hajime. So I thought that was good enough as we always seem to agree with his recs. But we are […]


Q&A: Tips for world travellers

Q I am writing to you from agricultural heartland (Gippsland, that is) and hoping you might be able to give a coupla tips for surviving a visit to Washington DC. Naturally, the idea of eating in America inspires a degree of terror in me and I thought just maybe you might have a few clues? We are also visiting the Big Apple for the first time and would love to eat well there too.. I have heard this is easily […]