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The coolest drinks cooler

Margo and Steve (more about this crazy jazz improv trifle guy soon) in Brisbane know how to make a small amount of money go a long way with style. In some ways they are the ultimate lifehackers. I reckon this is the coolest drinks cooler I’ve ever seen. This double-skinned copper or laundry boiler does the job and looks excellent. Steve got his from his local dealer. We need our own dealer down here, antiques dealer that is.


Barbequing the Wishlist store

With summer coming it seems like an ideal time to talk barbeques. Or the appalling experience trying to redeem a $99 voucher (a Christmas gift from Jackie’s company in 2004) before December 1 to buy a Weber barbeque from I’ll start off by saying that this experience has left us both with a very bad taste. I recommend that nobody deals with Wishlist simply because of the “we’re right, you’re wrong” attitude of the customer service staff. Let me […]


Keep it stupid simple

New camera. Fifth shot. No touch-ups. Fast Company recently noted that what makes Google so great is that it is simple. Just one box on a page without the pretensions of being a portal. Simple is what I like. Simple food. Simple gadgets like the Apple Macintosh and the Ipod. A camera should be simple too. That’s the beauty of those cardboard disposable ones. Just point and shoot. My original Canon Ixus was relatively simple to use. Alas my first […]


Chop, flip, carve and pour – all with one board

Here in the Tomato kitchen we like to think we live the rustic life. Sure we have our vegetable patch at the community garden, the herbs and a couple of thousand worms doing their worm-like job out back. It also means we like the idea of thick blocks of wood on which to chop our veggies and carve our meat, rather than the common or garden designer variety. But big rustic boards are heavy and, in our case, stained.Then comes […]