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Weekend herb blogging

Over at Kalyns Kitchen it’s the first weekend herb blog – a sane alternative to weekend dog and cat blogging. Well here is our contribution in close-up, planted in our old pasta pan. Didn’t I tell you what hapened to the pan? the handle fell off. I won’t tell you why or who threw it at me. But it seemed a waste to just chuck it out so I planted chives. food meme weekend herb blogging meme

Herbs, Ingredients & produce

How to keep herbs fresh: buy local

We don’t all have fresh herbs in the back garden the whole year round. At least the ones we really want like Basil. We are forced with distaste into supermarkets and rack up the shopping miles buying something that is, if not from another state or county, from another country.The fact is that within a few days the basil will be wilting, its leaves going dark and the whole soggy mes will ferment in the bottom of the fridge for […]