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Fix corked wine

We’ve all been there before. Crack open the only bottle we have and it smells of wet cardboard. In other words the wine is corked which means it is contaminated with 2,4,6 trichloranisole or TCA. This time it was the turn of my wine group finishing off an evening drinking tasting Dominique Laurent Burgundy (another post). We finished with a bottle of port and the room is packed with some of Melbourne’s top sommeliers. The port wasย  corked and somebody […]


Kitchen hack: unload the dishwasher first

My personal choice is the Jack Russell test: If he gets inside the dishwasher it’s probably dirty. If he doesn’t it is definitely clean. He was the one who spotted the cat meat-covered forkย  and a couple of dirty dishes mixed in with the clean. Of course, the mixing of the dirty with clean is all my fault. You see what I should empty the machine before I start cooking in the evening because the person feeding the cat can’t […]

Kitchenhacks, Paraphernalia, Wine

The coolest drinks cooler

Margo and Steve (more about this crazy jazz improv trifle guy soon) in Brisbane know how to make a small amount of money go a long way with style. In some ways they are the ultimate lifehackers. I reckon this is the coolest drinks cooler I’ve ever seen. This double-skinned copper or laundry boiler does the job and looks excellent. Steve got his from his local dealer. We need our own dealer down here, antiques dealer that is.


Hacking hard-baked pans

The picture says it all. Hardbaked, burnt and just darn difficult to clean pans? Never be bogged down by washing-up kitchen mistakes again and save water. Simply make the terrier work for a living. The advantage of these small breeds is that they are exactly what they say they are: tenacious. Combine that with needle sharp teeth and the need to seemingly lick the patterns of fine china, the Jack Russell of Fox Terrier and the like are the ideal […]