About Ed Charles

Hi. I’m Ed Charles, and I consultant to some of Mebourne’s top food and drink businesses on social media. Prior to that I was a freelance journalist who was taken into the social space by this blog and my Twitter profile.

In 2005 I started this blog, Tomato, which has now become one of the top food blogs in Australia and one of the best read and most influential in Melbourne. I also tweet as @tomatom and have about 11,100+ followers at the time of writing.

I also am a ring leader in organising stuff. In 2010 I was the driving force who made the first Australian Food Bloggers’ Conference, cocktail party and dinner happen arranging all the venues and sponsors. I also single handedly arranged a SBS Food sponsored exhibition of food bloggers’ photos.

Currently I’m one of the ring leaders behind the Melbourne Fringe Food Festival and am organising various eating and drinking events, the most recent being an amphora wine dinner one of my clients Virginia Plain.

I’ve extended my presence across many social sites and learnt the various unwritten rules for engaging people online. And now I help guide organisations through the social media minefield and develop practical plans that work in this unruly world where the crowd can be unpredictable.

I help develop practical strategies and plans that can win followers and customers by using various social media platforms.

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I am available to speak on the disjoin between traditional media and social media. Specifically, I speak on how small businesses can harness social media and free blogging tools for marketing. I also speak on how businesses need to integrate social media and blogs into their marketing and PR plans. Recently I have spoken at: