For PRs

Before emailing me , please read this.

Though I am usually based in Melbourne, I shall be in Europe until summer 2016 and am unavailable for any Australian based launches – please do not send invites.

I do not write anything based upon press releases.

Please read this before contacting me as I’m becoming overwhelmed with invitations, press releases and unsolicited packages.

Please be aware that I am requesting under the spam act not to be sent unsolicited messages – from most people.

If you are a small, local to Melbourne business then I am happy to receive the occasional invite or message.

If I know you I am happy to receive a message.

But if you are a massive multinational PR agency I probably am not simply because I receive too many.

The first thing to remember is that you should read this blog to see what kind of content I write, which largely isn’t press release or pr event driven.

This means that most likely I’m not going to write about a product unless I believe it to be particularly good.