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Bad Asian restaurant names

Uncle Ho. Happy Endings. And the latest Misohawni, a new restaurant in Johannesburg with a gimmicky name and a mishmash of Asian cuisines including Ramen. The social media and, in particular Twitter, backlash against the trivialisation and sexualisation of Asian culture in restaurants is inevitable. As is Misohawni taking down its Facebook page within 24 hours of opening. Check out my Medium post on the sexualisation of Asian women in restaurants.

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A Temple that needs more spice

It’s very hip. It’s dark like a nightclub with individual lamps over each table illuminating the food. Not so dark that you could get away with the kind of nefarious under table hand shuffling that was reported in the defunct Bistro Guillaume bar that previously occupied the basement space. But dark enough to make any food photography futile. I could be anywhere in the world, but I’m in Melbourne in the basement dining room in Crown Casino insulated from the […]

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Ear to toe eating

Pig’s ear salad. Spicy chicken feet. I was just looking for somewhere to eat on a Tuesday night. Somewhere interesting where I hadn’t been before. Ping from an RSS feed on a comment thread at Cin’s A Few of My Favourite Things comes through from Marina: “There is a divine restaurant that sells the lamb on charcoal with the Arabic influence. Beware for it is VERY addictive! ….They also have THE BEST pig ear salad (sliced so thinly).” Who am […]

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The $55 dégustation

The menu is ever changing but what is consistent are the fresh ingredients and the levels of service. The texture of the folds of pearl meat with shitake mushroom and spring onions served at Asiana (181 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, 3206 +61 3 9696 6688) is a reason to take a detour, although is not on every day. I visited twice in two weeks, once on a Tuesday lunchtime and once on a Monday evening. Each time the place had […]

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The secret of the world’s best chinese restaurant

It was 1976 when the Flower Drum in Melbourne was first gonged and it’s been pretty consistent in winning awards ever since. George Megalogenisis, writing in The Australian, touches on it’s secret of success – one member of staff for every three diners. (We’ll provide a link when it’s online) Wow!As we’ve mentioned before the New York Times reckons it’s the best Chinese on earth. We say, yes the service is good. But we reckon the cuisine can be equalled […]

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Best chinese restaurant in the world?

The Reader (now deceased) gave an excellent insight into the world in a week, including the latest musings on food. It finds the New York Times at the Flower Drum 17 Market Lane, Melbourne 03 9662 3655. which we expect once again will be voted by the Good Food Guide as one of Melbourne’ top restaurants. Patricia Wells writes that the Flower Drum is often cited as the best Chinese restaurant in the world mainly because of its consistency. She […]