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Ben Shwery
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Ben Shewry goes alone

As many of you know Attica is the sole Australian restaurant in the world’s top50 list. This is a statement on the sale of the restaurant to Ben Shewry released yesterday: “In an exciting step forward for Melbourne Restaurant Attica, its world renowned and longstanding Executive Chef, Ben Shewry, has acquired the restaurant and the brand effective immediately. The deal will see Shewry have 100% ownership of Attica and oversee all operations at the applauded venue, which lays claim to […]

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Barry Vera wants to sue me

Here is the solicitor’s letter in full. As in my terms on this site I state that every email is for publication, I’m publishing all correspondence. Confidential – Not for Publication Dear Mr Charles Re: We are a firm of solicitors from England, acting for Mr Barry Vera. As you may be aware Mr Vera is a professional Chef who previously held the position of Head Chef at the now closed Australian Restaurant ‘VERAS’. Mr Vera now resides and […]

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Chin Chin’s $275 first birthday dinner with the awesome David Thompson was worth it

I had to think long and hard about attending this dinner. But the fooderati came and ate. $275 for a Thai meal. That’s 13 courses cooked by David Thompson and pretty much unlimited booze. I’ve never spent so much on what is a function meal but I’m glad I did sitting on the corner of the bar seeing David sweating over the woks and pestle and mortar rejecting dishes that weren’t good enough. Usually when you stuff 150 or so […]


Inside the Paul Wilson Twitter spat

This blog is unprofessional, according to the person behind chef Paul Wilson’s Twitter account – whether it is Paul himself or his wife Bec. I’ve asked for an apology but they have chosen to ignore the request. And now I’m telling this story which encompasses how people fuck-up on Twitter, ethics and how and why reviews here are written. So what happened? Well, I published a story about two Prahan pubs Morris Jones and The Smith that was unintentionally inaccurate […]

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Why I love The Family Meal

We don’t see much innovation in cookbooks nowadays but The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria is as you’d expect from one of the world’s most innovative chefs. What most people don’t realise is that most book publishers don’t test their recipes properly. Yes, the chefs and celebrities that write them actually cook the dishes sometimes even in their home kitchens. But a recipe tester using crappy basic cookers and bog standard equipment aren’t used. It keeps the price […]


Chasing my White whale

[youtube:] Quietly, the man who was once the most famous chef on the planet slipped into Sydney, Marco Pierre White. In addition to seeing his daughter who lives there, this first visit was to promote Continental Stock Pot by cooking a dinner for bloggers. The interesting thing about his trip was that there was no newspaper coverage of the man who at 33 years old – 16 years ago – was the first person outside of France to be awarded […]

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Albert Roux respects bugs

Albert Roux: respect for the bug I‘ve often wondered why so much food is so bad in Queensland. According to Heston Blumenthal we need moist nasal passages to taste best, which is partly why food tastes of nothing on planes. Queensland being so humid should mean that everything tastes better than in the drier humid Melbourne. There’s plenty of great produce up in Queenland, especially the fruits of the sea. Take the Morton Bay Bug, for instance, an ugly critter […]

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The wonder of Arzak

Restaurants are fickle things with short life spans. Even the most successful often close at their peak. But, in this world, Arzak Restaurant in Spain’s San Sebastián has been a constant since it was established in 1897. And what is more remarkable is that, four generations later, it is still in the Arzak family’s hands and has held a prestigious three Michelin stars since 1989. Today, the latest generation of Arzaks in the kitchen is Elena, who works in tandem […]